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We keep waste to a minimum through iterative, Agile software development.

Release Early, Release Often, Reduce Waste

Wasted effort, wasted time, and wasted resources can drive software development costs higher. Agile product development makes waste visible, so we can eliminate it quickly.

We work in short iterations and deliver verifiable work to you at regular intervals—usually, every two weeks.

With your feedback, we constantly refine your product to keep it on the path to success.

The result: Lower cost, higher quality, and a faster time to market.

How Our Agile Methodology Works

At Taazaa, we use an Agile development methodology called iterative development.

Iterative development involves creating small amounts of software and then presenting them for feedback to you and a small group of users.

Our design and development process involves six basic steps:

  • Identify the Users’ Needs

  • Sketch a Solution

  • Create a Design

  • Build an MVP

  • Put It to the Test

  • Refine the MVP

Our iterative process gives you greater involvement in the development of your product and allows you to provide regular feedback. In turn, this enables our team to identify and resolve problems at a lower cost.

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Smart Lighting App

Our client needed to establish scalable communication between their various lighting sensors and the Amazon IoT platform. As the project progressed, the features and functions grew iteratively.

All apps were built separately, but they are connected as a part of one system. This solution helps to avoid duplicate functionality and makes it possible to develop and release each part of the system separately.

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