To Done

Clearly defining “done” reduces project time and cost

Know the End Before
You Begin

When it comes to custom software development, the definition of “done” can depend on who you ask.

Your definition may differ from that of the development team, which may be different than the QA team or your end users’ idea of done.

That’s why we work with you at the outset to clearly define “done” and make all stakeholders aware of it.

A clear definition of done and regular review of its application reduces partially finished work, wait times, and the cost of rework. At Taazaa, “done” means no unpleasant surprises.

Defining Doneness Criteria

When it comes to Agile software development, there’s no universally accepted definition of done.

Your business and your product are unique, which makes your doneness criteria unique, too.

That’s why it’s critical for the team to agree upon the definition of “done” upfront.

At the outset of your project, our team meets with you to understand your definition of done and the definition used by all internal and external stakeholders.

We then establish a list of criteria that must be met before software delivery.

Once the definition is locked down, we make everyone aware of it—you, the development team, QA, and all stakeholders.

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EMR System Development

The client wanted a web-based custom healthcare ERP for its distributed network of mobile health clinics. The specific features required were appointment scheduling, automated settling of invoices with the insurance providers, sharing of health visit summaries with patients’ primary care physicians, and connecting patients with community resources.

Taazaa adopted a combination of the Scrum and Kanban Agile methodologies to manage the project. The application’s complex business rules required a very clear definition of done for each stage of development.

Feedback was gathered from two weekly sprints from the client and implemented continually, making the development a dynamic process, as our team and the client worked towards a single goal.

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