IoT Application for Smart Lighting and Energy Conservation

The Challenge

Our client needed to establish scalable communication between their various sensors and the Amazon IoT platform. The project included developing sensor data visualization and control web applications, creating visualizations of data stored in the Amazon DynamoDB or other related storage systems.


In addition, we were charged with developing industry-specific visualizations and control applications that aggregated and summarized sensor data for improved reporting. We were also tasked with developing enhanced dashboards and features, such as control switches and other related facilities and building management tools.


Taazaa approached the challenge through a full architectural redesign. We dedicated significant resources to researching the right product on the Amazon platform for computing, storage, database, analytics, and other factors. Ultimately, we designed a conceptual database and local data store, creating an innovative User Experience design that included landing, setting, activation, dashboard, sensor control, and control widgets.


To support the infrastructure redesign for the client’s media storage and data exchange, we created analytic tools to provide a statistics dashboard and enhanced their media streaming to display video and images, and allow for image download. We also developed sensor data visualization and control web applications, creating an advanced visualization and correlation of data stored in the Amazon DynomoDB or other related storage systems.

The Solution

This platform helps the consumer conduct an in-depth and thorough review of their home energy usage, and then create a step-by-step plan for lowering their energy bills. It also enables consumers to find available rebates offered by utility providers and reduce their environmental impact. The realtor version of the app includes few additional features like automatic lead generation, social marketing, contact management, lead conversion, white-label reports, and payment processing.


To make the analysis process agile, we created an Android and iOS app with a survey. Users fill out a form with all necessary data in WEB Audit Tool right from their smartphone. All apps were built separately, but they are connected as a part of one system. This solution helps to avoid duplicate functionality and makes it possible to develop and release each part of the system separately.