UGC Platform & Content Curation Tool Development

The Challenge

The client wanted to transform the digital screens into beautiful and interactive hubs. The idea is to adopt a digital approach of promotion and brand awareness by keeping the content dynamic.


We had to develop a cloud-based application that could simplify the goals of marketing, smartly engage customers, and amplify the brand message. The client specifically wanted the platform to display all marketing and social content on one or multiple displays. The platform should be able to engage the customers directly so that the brand’s audience becomes active promoters. The aim is to amplify the marketing strategy in a clutter-free and effective way.


This is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system for Digital Displays.


The software solution has to be accessible and straightforward, which even non-technical staff could easily handle and operate. The client asked for rigorous workflow tools allowing web administrators to keep track of multiple content contributions via the online publishing process.


Our solution envisioned that the client could remotely control the screens across the globe. The answer would be helping in engaging the audience with rotational social media content and news, digitalized menus, graphical illustrations, and videos. For analytics, it would also be providing data metrics across various local parameters.

The Solution

The solution is helping businesses grow by simplifying marketing, engaging customers, and optimizing marketing strategies. It has transformed screens into interactive and beautiful hubs. It brings simplification in the marketing endeavors and declutters content connection with the target audience. Businesses can save a lot of time, money, and efforts to be put in digital marketing initiatives using this solution.