Industry Insights

22 Sep, 23

Hiring the Right SaaS Product Development Team

Hiring the right SaaS team is critical to product success.

Bidhan Baruah

September 22, 2023

20 Sep, 23

Listening to Your Users: The Key to Mobile App Success

Leverage user feedback to improve your mobile app.

Naveen Joshi

September 20, 2023

18 Sep, 23

Exploring  Different Deployment Strategies for Custom Software Development

The right deployment strategy depends on several factors.

Gaurav Singh

September 18, 2023

15 Sep, 23

A Comprehensive Guide to Documentation in Custom Software Development

An in-depth look at documenting the development process.

Sandeep Raheja

September 15, 2023

13 Sep, 23

Transforming Custom Software Development with Customer Feedback

Discover the true value of customer feedback.

Ashutosh Kumar

September 13, 2023

11 Sep, 23

Why Accessibility Is Critical in Custom Software Development

Accessibility improves the user experience for everyone.

Mitchell Cooper

September 11, 2023

8 Sep, 23

Pricing Models for SaaS Products

SaaS pricing is not just about the numbers.

Bidhan Baruah

September 8, 2023

6 Sep, 23

Accessibility: A Key Factor in SaaS Product Development

Learn why accessibility matters in SaaS product development.

Bidhan Baruah

September 6, 2023

1 Sep, 23

User Experience Design in SaaS Products

UX isn't just the product's appearance.

Naveen Joshi

September 1, 2023

31 Aug, 23

Scalability in Custom Software Solutions

Scalability isn't just about handling heavy loads.

Ashutosh Kumar

August 31, 2023

29 Aug, 23

Understanding the SaaS Subscription Model

Find the best subscription model for your SaaS offering.

Sandeep Raheja

August 29, 2023

25 Aug, 23

What Is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Using an MVP strategy has many benefits.

David Borcherding

August 25, 2023

23 Aug, 23

The Role of Customer Support in SaaS Product Development

Even the best products need great customer support.

Mitchell Cooper

August 23, 2023

21 Aug, 23

Understanding the Different Mobile App Store Guidelines

How to get your app approved.

Gaurav Singh

August 21, 2023

19 Aug, 23

Taazaa Named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies for 2023

With a three-year revenue growth of 189 percent, Taazaa ranks among America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, August 18, 2023 – Taazaa Inc., a leading custom software development company, is pleased to announce that it has ranked No. 2,815 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in […]

Naveen Joshi

August 19, 2023

18 Aug, 23

How to Measure the ROI of Custom Software Development

Learn how to calculate ROI effectively.

Bidhan Baruah

August 18, 2023

11 Aug, 23

Best Practices for SaaS Product Development

Follow these best practices to create a quality SaaS product.

Sandeep Raheja

August 11, 2023

7 Aug, 23

The Importance of Accessibility in Mobile App Development

An accessible mobile app has many advantages.

Mitchell Cooper

August 7, 2023

4 Aug, 23

The Importance of User Feedback in SaaS Product Development

User feedback is the backbone of SaaS product

Bidhan Baruah

August 4, 2023

26 Jul, 23

The Future of SaaS Product Development: Trends and Predictions

SaaS product development trends you can leverage.

David Borcherding

July 26, 2023

20 Jul, 23

Market Research: Understanding Your Target Audience and Competition

Explore market research tactics for SaaS product development.

Gaurav Singh

July 20, 2023

19 Jul, 23

Designing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Successful SaaS Applications

Learn how to create an effective MVP for SaaS applications

Bidhan Baruah

July 19, 2023

18 Jul, 23

Mobile App Development for Enterprise: Challenges and Opportunities

Explore the challenges and benefits of enterprise mobile app development.

Sandeep Raheja

July 18, 2023

17 Jul, 23

The Future of Mobile App Development: Trends and Predictions

See what's on the horizon of mobile app development.

Naveen Joshi

July 17, 2023

15 Jul, 23

Ideation: How to Come Up with a Winning SaaS Product Idea

Great SaaS product ideas come from a well-executed ideation process.

Ashutosh Kumar

July 15, 2023

14 Jul, 23

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Product Development

Everything you need to know about SaaS product development.

David Borcherding

July 14, 2023

13 Jul, 23

How to Improve Your Mobile App’s Performance

Insights on improving mobile app performance.

Gaurav Singh

July 13, 2023

12 Jul, 23

The Importance of Mobile App Testing and Quality Assurance

Mobile app testing and quality assurance is paramount.

Sandeep Raheja

July 12, 2023

7 Jul, 23

Maximizing Profits: How to Monetize Your Mobile App

Learn strategies to help maximize app monetization.

Naveen Joshi

July 7, 2023

5 Jul, 23

Understanding Mobile App Analytics and How to Use Them

Mobile app analytics are the key to success.

Basab Dey

July 5, 2023

3 Jul, 23

Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

An overview of the best mobile app programming languages.

Bidhan Baruah

July 3, 2023

1 Jul, 23

Mobile App Security: Best Practices and Threats to Consider

Mobile app security is critical.

Ashutosh Kumar

July 1, 2023

30 Jun, 23

Common Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid: A Comprehensive Guide

Avoid these mistakes to achieve success with your mobile app.

Naveen Joshi

June 30, 2023

28 Jun, 23

Best IDE for Mobile App Development

Explore popular IDEs that cater to different mobile platforms.

Gaurav Singh

June 28, 2023

27 Jun, 23

Tips for Successful Mobile App Development Projects

Best practices for mobile app development.

Sandeep Raheja

June 27, 2023

24 Jun, 23

How to Hire the Right Mobile App Development Company

Hiring a reliable company for mobile app development is a crucial decision.

Basab Dey

June 24, 2023

23 Jun, 23

Essential Features to Include in Your Mobile App

These key features that contribute to a successful mobile app.

Naveen Joshi

June 23, 2023

22 Jun, 23

Types of Mobile App Development: Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web Apps

Which type of mobile app development is right for you?

Ashutosh Kumar

June 22, 2023

21 Jun, 23

The Mobile App Development Process: From Concept to Launch

The mobile app development process is a multi-stage journey.

Ashutosh Kumar

June 21, 2023

20 Jun, 23

The Role of Testing and Quality Assurance in Custom Software Development

Explore the roles of testing and QA in custom software development.

Gaurav Singh

June 20, 2023

19 Jun, 23

Exploring the Different Pricing Models in Custom Software Development

Explore the pricing models for custom software development.

Basab Dey

June 19, 2023

17 Jun, 23

Best Practices for Integrating Custom Software with Existing Systems

Learn more about custom software integration.

Naveen Joshi

June 17, 2023

16 Jun, 23

How to Plan and Budget for Custom Software Development 

Keep the cost of custom software development down by planning ahead.

David Borcherding

June 16, 2023

15 Jun, 23

The Role of User Experience (UX) in Custom Software Development

Learn the importance of UX design in software development.

Naveen Joshi

June 15, 2023

14 Jun, 23

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Software Development Partner

Learn the factors to consider when engaging a software development company.

Gaurav Singh

June 14, 2023

13 Jun, 23

Top Industries That Benefit from Custom Software Development

Custom software development services empower businesses.

Sandeep Raheja

June 13, 2023

12 Jun, 23

The Impact of Custom Software Development on Business Processes

Custom business software development can have a huge impact on your company.

Bidhan Baruah

June 12, 2023

5 Jun, 23

The Complete Guide to Mobile App Development

Before investing in app development, take time to read this guide.

Ashutosh Kumar

June 5, 2023

31 May, 23

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Software Development

Everything you need to know about custom software development.

Naveen Joshi

May 31, 2023

26 May, 23

Understanding the Role of APIs in Custom Software Development

Learn why APIs are critical to custom software development.

Sandeep Raheja

May 26, 2023

17 May, 23

Custom Software Development vs. Off-the-Shelf Software: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Learn the pros and cons of the custom software development life cycle.

Gaurav Singh

May 17, 2023

25 Apr, 23

How to Measure Product Management Metrics

Product management metrics tell you how successful your product is.

Naveen Joshi

April 25, 2023

13 Apr, 23

10 Startup Product Development Tips

Launch your startup successfully with these 10 tips.

Yasir Drabu

April 13, 2023

14 Mar, 23

Outsourced Product Development: The Secret to Startup Success

Outsourcing gives your startup an edge.

David Borcherding

March 14, 2023

23 Feb, 23

9 Steps in the SaaS Product Development Process

SaaS is the model for most modern software products.

Bidhan Baruah

February 23, 2023

6 Feb, 23

The Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

A look at 5 advantages and disadvantages.

Sandeep Raheja

February 6, 2023

31 Jan, 23

5 Software Development Trends to Watch in 2023

We look at what's coming in 2023.

Yasir Drabu

January 31, 2023

27 Jan, 23

Mobile App Development Trends to Watch

To stand out from the competition, keep your mobile app fresh.

Ashutosh Kumar

January 27, 2023

5 Jan, 23

Taazaa Named Custom Software Development Market Leader in Ohio

Taazaa has been named a Market Leader by

Naveen Joshi

January 5, 2023

9 Dec, 22

What Do Machine Learning Engineers Do?

Learn what to look for when hiring machine learning engineers.

Bidhan Baruah

December 9, 2022

18 Nov, 22

How Does Data Engineering Work?

Discover the magic behind data engineering.

David Borcherding

November 18, 2022

26 Oct, 22

How Much Does Custom Healthcare Software Cost?

Discover how to keep custom healthcare software cost down.

Sandeep Raheja

October 26, 2022

17 Oct, 22

Top 6 Mobile Application Development Platforms

G2's top six mobile app development platforms.

Naveen Joshi

October 17, 2022

6 Oct, 22

Snowflake vs Redshift vs BigQuery

We compare Snowflake vs Redshift vs BigQuery.

Yasir Drabu

October 6, 2022

16 Sep, 22

Which Enterprise Data Management System Should You Invest In?

What differentiates data marts, data warehouses, data lakes, and data lakehouses?

Gaurav Singh

September 16, 2022

7 Sep, 22

Data Engineering Roles and Responsibilities

Data engineering is a complex field involving many roles, each with unique responsibilities.

Sandeep Raheja

September 7, 2022

11 Aug, 22

Healthcare AI Trends in 2022

AI is being used to solve big data issues in the healthcare industry.

Bidhan Baruah

August 11, 2022

2 Aug, 22

An Overview of Data Engineering

Without data engineering, making sense of big data would be impossible.

Ashutosh Kumar

August 2, 2022

1 Jul, 22

The Benefits of Healthcare IoT

Healthcare IoT solutions have rapidly changed patient care over the last decade.

Naveen Joshi

July 1, 2022

14 Jun, 22

Healthcare App Developers: Watch Out for watchOS 9

Apple’s watchOS 9 opens up exciting opportunities for healthcare app developers.

David Borcherding

June 14, 2022

7 Jun, 22

An Overview of the 2022 Healthcare Market

The healthcare market has faced new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic—and closer scrutiny than ever before.  And healthcare providers worldwide are struggling, according to Deloitte’s 2022 Global Health Care Outlook.   Patient loads surge unpredictably with each new COVID variant.   Healthcare workers are burning out and leaving the industry, causing workforce shortages.   Supply chain disruptions continue, […]

Bidhan Baruah

June 7, 2022

25 May, 22

HIPAA Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

What does it take to build a HIPAA-compliant app?

Gaurav Singh

May 25, 2022

16 May, 22

Healthcare Compliance: All You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of developing software for the healthcare industry, you’re probably aware of HIPAA.   But how about HITECH? Or PIPEDA? Or GDPR?  Healthcare software or healthcare-related apps must comply with several industry regulations—and the laws differ from country to country.  These healthcare compliance laws cover billing, patient care, reimbursement, and many other areas. They’re […]

David Borcherding

May 16, 2022

28 Apr, 22

Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2022

The global pandemic has changed healthcare delivery—permanently.  The gradual pre-pandemic adoption of healthcare technology trends shifted into high gear after March 2020.  And it’s not slowing down.  Healthcare providers are seeing an increasing demand for remote healthcare options from their patients.  Telehealth is big now. So is patient access to test results and other medical […]

Naveen Joshi

April 28, 2022

26 Apr, 22

Healthcare App Cost Drivers in 2023

This article has been updated for 2023. If you’re a healthcare provider or startup looking to build your own app, one of your biggest questions is likely the cost involved.  It’s not an easy question to answer.   With a few minutes of internet research, you’ll find several wildly varying estimates. Some articles estimate the cost […]

Sandeep Raheja

April 26, 2022

4 Apr, 22

How Custom Software Development Is Transforming the Healthcare Sector

To anyone in the healthcare industry, it’s clear why custom software development is important to the transformation that’s occurred over the past ten years.  Healthcare providers have driven some of this transformation themselves.   They have a niche need that prepackaged software can’t meet and hire a custom software development company to bring it to life.  […]

Gaurav Singh

April 4, 2022

31 Mar, 22

Top Benefits of Agile Medical Software Development

Agile medical software development helps providers and healthcare startups quickly adapt to the shifting technology landscape of healthcare delivery.  Without a doubt, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had the greatest impact on the healthcare sector, forcing providers to adopt new methods of care delivery rapidly.   Think telehealth.  Additionally, quality care mandates have resulted in new technologies […]

Gaurav Singh

March 31, 2022

23 Mar, 22

4 Reasons to Build a Mobile App for Your Business

More and more, mobile apps are the preferred way to shop for millions of consumers worldwide.   According to Statista, the number of mobile devices operating worldwide in 2021 was nearly 15 billion, up from just over 14 billion in 2020.   And mobile device users spent an estimated $360 billion in mobile eCommerce (or “mCommerce”) retail […]

David Borcherding

March 23, 2022

17 Mar, 22

The Importance of Mobile App Analytics

When it comes to getting the most out of your mobile app, analytics are your best friend.   In short, mobile app analytics give you the key insights you need to connect with your users, reach your goals, and improve your app over time.   Without mobile app analytics, you’re shooting in the dark with no data […]

David Borcherding

March 17, 2022

10 Mar, 22

Questions to Ask a Mobile Application Development Company

You’ve hit upon a great new mobile app that will make a ton of money. Now you just need someone to build it.  So how do you pick the right mobile application development company?  You have your pick of the outsourcing litter. Many on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore software development companies can build your app for […]

David Borcherding

March 10, 2022

3 Mar, 22

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mobile App?

When most people get an idea for an innovative or fun new mobile app, the first question they usually ask is, “How much will it cost to make it?”  And they’re often frustrated by the answer: “It depends.”  But knowing how much it will cost to create your mobile app is the foundation of your […]

Naveen Joshi

March 3, 2022

17 Feb, 22

Should You Use Flutter for Mobile App Development in 2022?

Flutter’s recent addition of Windows app support has brought renewed attention to the software development kit (SDK).   The widget-based UI toolkit has been growing in popularity for the past few years, but there is still some confusion over when to use Flutter for mobile app development.   This article delivers an overview of Flutter and discusses […]

Sandeep Raheja

February 17, 2022

8 Feb, 22

How to Overcome 3 Common AI Development Obstacles

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is everywhere. It helps healthcare providers interpret diagnostic imaging faster and more accurately. It’s behind the wheel of self-driving vehicles.   AI also performs less glamorous tasks, such as powering our chatbots, acting as virtual assistants, and guiding our robot vacuums as they sweep up after us.   Although it’s ubiquitous, AI is […]

David Borcherding

February 8, 2022

25 Jan, 22

Benefits of Telehealth Software Solutions for Patients and Doctors

Telehealth software solutions have surged in popularity due to the ongoing pandemic.   According to J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Telehealth Satisfaction Survey, telehealth use by healthcare consumers (i.e., patients) jumped from 7 percent in 2019 and 9 percent in 2020 to 36 percent in 2021.  That means more than a third of patients in the United […]

Gaurav Singh

January 25, 2022

24 Jan, 22

10 Secrets to Ensure Your Software Rollout Goes as Smooth as Silk

Nobody loves change, but when it comes to rolling out new software, many business owners will put it off as long as possible to avoid disruptions in their routine. There is good news, though. Keep these ten tips from software development experts Taazaa in mind, and you’ll be in good shape for a smooth transition. […]

Naveen Joshi

January 24, 2022

21 Dec, 21

Top Software Development Tools Used by Agile Teams

Agile development methodologies get a lot of praise for accelerating the software development cycle, facilitating greater collaboration, and improving software quality.  But Agile methods alone don’t get the work done. For that, you need a collection of reliable tools.  Let’s take a look at the top software development tools used by Agile teams for project management, build management, […]

David Borcherding

December 21, 2021

14 Dec, 21

React, Angular, or Vue: Which Is the Best Front-end Framework?

The front-end of your website or web application has a huge influence over the user experience.   The framework you use to build your front-end—React, Angular, or Vue—can impact your front-end functionality.    Therefore, which framework you choose ultimately affects the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your software.  So which is the best framework to use: React, Angular, or Vue?  The answer depends on […]

Ashutosh Kumar

December 14, 2021

7 Dec, 21

How to Quickly Develop High-Quality Software without High Cost

Quick, low cost, high quality—the three aspects of the software development process. The project management “iron triangle” says you can achieve two of these aspects when developing your software product, but not all three. At Taazaa, we respectfully disagree.  We believe you can develop high-quality software quickly without burning through all your funding. Our clients believe it, too, […]

Bidhan Baruah

December 7, 2021

10 Nov, 21

3 Steps to Tech Startup Success

Two out of every three startups won’t succeed, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review. If you’re trying to get your tech startup off the ground, you’re probably clenching your jaw right now. Relax. Lucky for you, Tom Eisenmann—the guy who literally wrote the book on startup success—has laid out a three-step design process that can help tech […]

David Borcherding

November 10, 2021

26 Oct, 21

6 Business Advantages of Custom Software Development

To build, or not to build? That is the question.  The business advantages of custom software development can be significant—whether you build the software yourself or have it tailor-made for you.   Bespoke software fulfills all your business needs, for one thing. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality or piece together off-the-shelf solutions to meet all your requirements.  Custom software keeps long-term costs lower, makes long-term maintenance easier, and usually offers […]

Bidhan Baruah

October 26, 2021

20 Oct, 21

How Does an MVP Help Accelerate Agile Development?

Here are a few tips for using MVPs effectively.

David Borcherding

October 20, 2021

28 Sep, 21

Cybersecurity 101: Everything Business Owners Need to Know to Safeguard Themselves

A cyberattack hits businesses just like a natural disaster. It’s shocking, devastating, and you’re left picking up the pieces for weeks and months after. Companies can take 197 days to identify and 69 days to contain a breach, which can cost millions of dollars in lost time and productivity.  With cyberattacks on the rise and […]

Naveen Joshi

September 28, 2021

17 Sep, 21

4 Key Factors to Consider When Scaling Your Software Application

When you’re building your new software application, you might focus on the features and functionality that will dazzle your end-users.  You may also spend a lot of development time and resources on improving the software’s performance.  What you might overlook, however, is scalability.  Scalability is critical to growth. As the number of users grows, so also […]

Sandeep Raheja

September 17, 2021

13 Sep, 21

A Guide to Technical Debt

When you need to buy a car and you don’t have enough money, you take out a loan and incur financial debt.  When you need to release software quickly, you might cut some corners. Maybe you decide to delay fixing non-critical defects or take a few shortcuts when writing the code. It’s messy, but you can fix it later, right?  That’s […]

Basab Dey

September 13, 2021

6 Sep, 21

A Quick Guide to IT in EdTech

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the education system across the world and forced educators to completely change the way they teach.   Now, more school systems and universities are seeking education technology, or EdTech, to increase student performance and reduce the teaching burden.   The current focus is on distance learning systems that allow grade-school and college students to learn from home.   But there […]

David Borcherding

September 6, 2021

23 Aug, 21

Web App vs. Mobile App: Which Is Right for You?

You’ve decided your business needs a mobile app. You know the benefits you hope to gain and the features your customers want.  But there’s one question you haven’t answered: web-based app or native mobile app?  It seems like a simple question, but it’s actually several questions.   As you peel back the layers of both mobile web technology and […]

Naveen Joshi

August 23, 2021

18 Aug, 21

The Role of Information Technology in Healthcare

The umbrella of Health Information Technology (Health IT) covers many areas of the healthcare industry.  Most often, Health IT refers to the technology and infrastructure used to record, analyze, and share patient data.   But even that encompasses several technologies, from vast health record systems and patient portals to personal health devices and apps.  The shared goal of any Health IT technology […]

David Borcherding

August 18, 2021

6 Aug, 21

A Quick Overview of Iterative Design in Software Development

Whether you’re building a two-story house or a 100-story skyscraper, you need a blueprint.   The same is true when you’re building software, and that blueprint gets created in the design phase.   In traditional software development methods, the design is completed before development begins. The problem with this approach is that you have to get everything right, because […]

Sandeep Raheja

August 6, 2021

29 Jul, 21

4 Questions to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Development

You know of a software solution that will improve your business.  Problem is, your internal team doesn’t have the skillset and/or bandwidth to develop, integrate, or update your legacy systems to accommodate the new solution.  You could outsource the work, but you’re not sure a software development company would have the necessary industry or domain […]

Yasir Drabu

July 29, 2021

12 Jul, 21

5 Healthcare Technology Challenges You Can Overcome in 2023

This article has been updated for 2023. If you’re an IT professional in the healthcare industry, you’ve got more than your fair share of challenges.   You’re figuring out how to comply with regulatory and legislative mandates, battling cyberattacks, and dealing with changes resulting from new technology—all while being pressured to reduce costs.  Your IT team is stretched to the limit. Your system is straining […]

Gaurav Singh

July 12, 2021

12 Jul, 21

Taazaa Acquires Lexington Solutions

Fusion "makes life easier" for LIHTC asset managers

Naveen Joshi

July 12, 2021

5 Jul, 21

5 Key Mobile Development Aspects to Keep in Mind for 2022

You have a great idea for a mobile app—one that is going to boost your business to new heights. You just know it.  Your app will address a real need your customers have and solve a problem for them.  So you build this great app and get it out to your users … and it flops. No […]

Naveen Joshi

July 5, 2021

21 Jun, 21

The Secret Buzz Behind Taazaa’s New Branding

Our new website is buzzing with a bee-utiful, fresh design. You may have noticed that our new branding incorporates bees and honeycomb-evoking hexagons, with an emphasis on the color green. Bees—and the honeycombs they create—have a hidden meaning within Taazaa’s new brand identity. You’re probably guessing that it means we’re “busy as a bee,” and […]

Yasir Drabu

June 21, 2021

26 Apr, 21

Making the Build vs. Buy Software Decision

When you need new software, what do you do? Does your company have in-house IT? Do you take care of things on your own? Call the tech-savvy gamer kid down the street? Whatever it is you need, companies feel enormous pressure for full digital implementation now. The decision of whether to build or buy is […]

Bidhan Baruah

April 26, 2021

30 Mar, 21

The Definitive Guide to Low-Code/No-Code Technology

The thriving Low-Code/No-Code space has become an amazingly disruptive movement in the enterprise digital world. Gartner predicts that more than half of small-to-medium-sized companies and large enterprises will have implemented Low-Code app development platforms by 2023. The disruption is hugely associated with the need for citizen developers and professional developers to quickly build applications without […]

Sandeep Raheja

March 30, 2021

12 Mar, 21

The Complete Guide to DevOps

For the longest time, development and operations teams worked separately in silos. Developers wrote code while the system administrators were in charge of its deployment and integration. This negatively impacted the enterprise’s overall productivity because there was limited communication between these two modules. Fast forward to the 21st century, Agile and continuous workflow are among […]

Basab Dey

March 12, 2021

5 Mar, 21

Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Artificial Intelligence?

In recent years, social media and newspapers have excitedly introduced us to the little wonders that certain new algorithms have accomplished. We hear of some algorithms as “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), while others are “Machine Learning” (ML). Meanwhile, another article would speak of “Deep Learning” and “Deep Fakes”, while others mention “Artificial Neural Networks” (ANN). In […]

Ashutosh Kumar

March 5, 2021

17 Feb, 21

Criteria for Choosing a Healthcare Software Development Partner

Choosing the best software development partner is important no matter what your project is. But when you’re dealing with healthcare software, it’s essential that you decide on a partner who understands your unique needs. The last thing you want is a “finished” project that puts your patients and business at risk. Below, we go over […]

Gaurav Singh

February 17, 2021

18 Jan, 21

Software Development – Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing

Perhaps the central issue when beginning a software development project is deciding to insource or to outsource. This decision factors in questions of cost, time, and quality of work. It is often the difference between a successful project and a waste of time and resources. Insourcing is what is traditionally known as in-house recruitment. When […]

Trip Bodley

January 18, 2021

8 Jan, 21

3 DevOps Best Practices for Accelerating Software Development

The DevOps movement is already over one decade old, with foundations in hundreds of leading companies. But even at those companies, the early stages of software development can be overwhelming. The complexity of modern software projects makes delivering quality results more difficult. This is due in part to shifting priorities. Software development has evolved to […]

Basab Dey

January 8, 2021

29 Dec, 20

5 Ways to Reduce Your Software Development Risks

Investing in custom software is a big step for any company, regardless of size.

Bidhan Baruah

December 29, 2020

18 Dec, 20

10 Ways Fast, Iterative Software Prototyping Benefits Your Company

Digital transformation is everywhere these days. Companies that were in the process of making the shift to digital before Covid-19 have found their plans fast-tracked beyond all expectations. Organizations that weren’t yet quite there have realized they need to catch up in the shortest possible time. Almost every company and organization uses software these days, […]

Trip Bodley

December 18, 2020

11 Dec, 20

Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Software Development Partner

Tackling a technical project as a non-technical person can be intimidating. You don’t need to be a software developer to achieve success, but you do need to have some understanding of the technology involved to make sure that the custom software development company you hire fits your needs. If you hire the wrong software partner, […]

Naveen Joshi

December 11, 2020

20 Oct, 20

3 Principles for Reducing Development Costs Without Compromising Speed or Quality

Marc Andreessen’s observation that “Software Is Eating the World” is as true today as it was when he published his famous Wall Street Journal essay nearly a decade ago. The idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is not a trivial undertaking regardless of their industry, age, or size. The pressure to […]

Bidhan Baruah

October 20, 2020

1 Sep, 20

How Much Does Software Development Cost?

Understanding how much it will cost to develop a new software can be a confusing thing. Budgeting and pricing software projects depends on understanding the cost of software development, and there are several factors to consider when pricing a project. Expectations Managing expectations and communicating clearly is vital when it comes to pricing a project […]

Naveen Joshi

September 1, 2020

26 Jun, 20

Hiring vs. Outsourcing Software Development: Which Is Easier?

If you aren’t a software developer, you may not grasp the full complexity of the software development process. Let’s say you have a stellar idea for a new mobile app, or you need to upgrade your business’s legacy software with the latest tech. There’s just one problem: you don’t have anyone on your team that […]

Bidhan Baruah

June 26, 2020

15 May, 20

Taazaa Acquires Software Product Development Company AstraQube

Taazaa Inc., a privately-owned product engineering and software solutions company, has completed the acquisition of AstraQube, a custom Software Product Development company which took effect from May 1, 2020. According to the acompany officials, Taazaa acquired AstraQube assets, people, customer contracts, and the acquired business will operate under the Taazaa Inc. brand. AstraQube will be Taazaa’s second acquisition in a […]

Naveen Joshi

May 15, 2020

17 Mar, 20

Continuous Integration and Deployment in Agile

Software drives many critical functions within an organization and as an application becomes more complex, it’s difficult to rein in the many changes, bug reports, new feature deployments, and contributors to the codebase. These challenges are why development teams have adopted Agile methodologies, which can streamline the software lifecycle and offer continuous integration and delivery […]

Basab Dey

March 17, 2020

18 Feb, 20

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?

Creating cross-platform mobile apps traditionally requires developers to fight with their framework in order to create a seamless experience across iOS, Android, and Windows. The development of an intuitive user experience typically requires the use of the native mobile environment. However, developing on the native mobile environment comes with its own set of challenges including: […]

Sandeep Raheja

February 18, 2020

10 Feb, 20

Why migrate ASP.NET legacy apps to .NET Core?

Before we start with why we should migrate from legacy .NET Framework to .NET Core, let us discuss what these frameworks are and their brief history. .NET Framework is a software programming framework supporting languages like C#, F#, VB.NET, etc. The first version of .NET Framework (version 1.0) was released on February 13, 2002. Since […]

Ashutosh Kumar

February 10, 2020

5 Dec, 19

Python Tools for Data Mining: Harnessing the Power of Python for Extracting Insights 

In the era of big data, organizations are seeking efficient ways to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of information. Data mining, the process of discovering patterns and knowledge from large datasets, plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Python, with its versatility and extensive ecosystem, has emerged as a powerful language for data mining […]

Ashutosh Kumar

December 5, 2019

22 Nov, 19

Simplifying Application Deployments with Docker

Every development team has its own standards for deploying applications. Each of these standards come with challenges and trade-offs. While it seems that no deployment solution is perfect, developers do everything possible to make it easier, seamless, and more effective for the business. One main issue with standard deployment is the team’s response to critical, […]

Naveen Joshi

November 22, 2019

15 Nov, 19

13 Ways To Keep Innovation Alive Within Your Team

In today’s work environment, you need more from an employee than just strong technical skills. Sure, software engineers need to be familiar with the appropriate programming language. Similarly, data analysts need to know their way around a spreadsheet. However, these things alone won’t make them more useful. They need to know of thinking outside the […]

Rohini Rai

November 15, 2019

10 Nov, 19

Building Distributed Applications

You’ve probably heard of the recent Bitcoin bubble. The cryptocurrency has exploded in just a few years from a few dollars to almost $20,000 in value. Although Bitcoin is the most commonly known cryptocurrency, there is much more to it than just Bitcoins and their value. One of cryptocurrency’s biggest advantages is that it’s decentralized […]

Naveen Joshi

November 10, 2019

25 Sep, 19

Apache Spark for Big Data Needs

Big data storage and compatibility is still in its infancy, and it can be a hurdle for even the most experienced database administrator to understand. Moving from traditional SQL and relational databases to big data reservoirs is an exercise in patience. It’s also challenging for administrators used to standard database warehouse design. The move is […]

Ashutosh Kumar

September 25, 2019

14 Sep, 19

5 Bootstrap Layout Tips for UI Challenged Developers

Normally user interface designs come from layout artists, but there are times that the developer and the layout artist are one and the same. However, not every developer is gifted with an eye for design, so this task is a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to consider when you wish […]

Naveen Joshi

September 14, 2019

10 Sep, 19

Augmented and Virtual Reality Coming of Age

It started as a futuristic vision, but it didn’t stay that way very long. Augmented and virtual reality are fast earning their place as part of what is normal: an almost essential, well-accepted facet of modern life. But what are they, exactly? Augmented reality is simply the notion that we can add computer-generated elements seamlessly […]

Sandeep Raheja

September 10, 2019

16 Aug, 19

Web-Based Single Page Applications – What Are They?

In an era when multitasking and efficiency is a necessity, web-based Single Page Applications (SPAs) is heaven. The term ‘single page application’ refers to a website that has all of its contents accessible on only one page. It makes use of templates and data injection, as well as other techniques, to avoid having to reload […]

Gaurav Singh

August 16, 2019

23 Jul, 19

NoSQL or SQL – How to Choose the Best Fit for a Project?

Data persistence has always been a key challenge faced by software developers and programmers. Several database management systems have been introduced since the beginning of electronic computing in order to handle data persistence issues in software products. Relational database management systems, powered by SQL, have ruled the IT industry for more than four decades, though […]

Ashutosh Kumar

July 23, 2019

20 Jul, 19

You Should Be Tracking These Metrics to Have a Successful App

In today’s day and age, there are thousands and thousands of apps out there for people to use. These apps can do a ton of different things, and several have become so successful that they have made their founders and creators billionaires. So how do these apps get so successful? Well, tracking metrics was a […]

Naveen Joshi

July 20, 2019

15 Jul, 19

Technologies to Enable Internet of Things

The current explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the result of complementary advancements in underlying hardware and software technologies. In brief, IoT refers to the growing number of devices that are connected to the global Internet. Examples include smart-home products like the programmable thermostat Nest to industrial devices like temperature and humidity sensors. […]

Sandeep Raheja

July 15, 2019

20 Jun, 19

The Why and How of Conversation UI for Applications

Voice is the new multi-touch. Cloud-based virtual assistants, powered by advances in artificial intelligence, are improving in usefulness and sweeping across the landscape of consumer tech. How does this new paradigm of the conversational user interface work? What underlying technology makes this all possible? What are the major voice UI platforms for third-party developers available […]

Naveen Joshi

June 20, 2019

10 Apr, 19

Why Microservice Architecture?

For years, software developers were tasked with maintaining and building monolithic applications that spanned their entire user-base. Monolithic applications could be modular, but ultimately every moving part affects the entire application. When coders deployed new code, QA had to test the entire application to ensure stability. Microservices changes the way applications are developed, and they […]

Ashutosh Kumar

April 10, 2019

15 Feb, 19

Top Three Features of ASP.NET MVC 5

ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s latest web application development technology based on the principle of the separation of concerns. MVC stands for Models, Views, and Controllers, respectively. Prior to the MVC pattern, Web Forms was the prime Microsoft technology for web application development. However, Web Forms lacked the flexibility of development and loose coupling. MVC addressed […]

Ashutosh Kumar

February 15, 2019

11 Dec, 18

Property Apps are Changing the Game for Buyers and Sellers

We live in a digital world, and the real estate industry is no exception. 72% of people now say that they use a mobile site or application to make their home search easier. The easy access to real-time data and updated, accurate information that apps provide allow people to really harness the power of technology and efficiently improve […]

Naveen Joshi

December 11, 2018

6 Nov, 18

Software That’s Saving the Planet

In recent years, we as a society have been making strides towards a greener future. But, with all of the progress that we’ve made, we’ve done little to stop the progression of climate change. According to tech giant Bill Gates, “We don’t just need to switch to LED bulbs and recycle our plastics, but we need […]

Ipshita Mukerjee

November 6, 2018

4 Oct, 18

Three Ways IoT will Revolutionize Our Homes

Three Ways IoT is Taking Cues from Business to Revolutionize Our Homes By 2021, smart home devices will surpass smartphones as a share of deployed connected and IoT devices, meaning that people are about to become even more connected to their homes than they are with their phones or even jobs. While it is clear that IoT […]

Ipshita Mukerjee

October 4, 2018

5 Sep, 18

Scala Performance Monitoring

If you are creating a website, web application or other web pages, you will likely need to do some coding. While some simpler alternatives do exist, coding is a necessity for many types of businesses, sites, and applications. There are many different programming languages out there that people use, with Scala being among the most […]

Naveen Joshi

September 5, 2018

15 Mar, 18

Asynchronous Strategies in C# Web Applications

Modern-day websites need to handle requests from hundreds of thousands of visitors. Since most of the advanced websites are dynamic in nature, they have to interact with database servers and web services. Typical user requests involve sending an HTTP request to the web server, which after analyzing the request type, returns a webpage. When the […]

Naveen Joshi

March 15, 2018

12 Feb, 18

How to Ensure Cross Team Coordination to Complete Projects on Time

Remember what it was like before project management tools entered the picture? Providing deliverables on time to clients was one of the biggest challenges organizations faced. Technically, it is true even today. But why so? Why did completing planning to execution phases became cumbersome for project teams? Were tasks not divided correctly among teams? Did […]

Naveen Joshi

February 12, 2018

5 Jan, 18

Technical Debt: When to Accrue and When to Pay Down

We’ve all done it more often then we care to admit: that quick and dirty coding that works perfectly well for what it’s meant to address but which sets up roadblocks for future progress. A hurriedly fudged fix, maybe that solved a sticky problem but locked you into a configuration you might not want to […]

Sandeep Raheja

January 5, 2018