Microsoft .NET
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Build your web application's core functionality on a proven back-end platform.

Microsoft.NET & Node.js Development

Your potential customer quickly gets the result they expect when they click that button.

Back-End Development

Reliable Back-End Development

The back-end powers your web application.

When a potential customer clicks the “Contact Us” button, the back-end is what serves up the form for them to fill out, starts the chatbot, or presents whatever function you want that prospect to interact with.

By using development environments like Microsoft .NET or Node.js, Taazaa’s back-end developers make your database, data server, and web server work together seamlessly.

.NET or Node?

Microsoft .NET and Node.js are two popular platforms for back-end development. Which is best for you depends on your needs.

.NET cases

Use Cases of .NET

.NET is a back-end development framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The .NET platform lets you use different programming languages, libraries, and editors to create websites, web and mobile applications, and games.

Advantages of using .NET include:

  • Reduced coding time

  • Power and flexibility

  • Simplicity in use

  • Customization and extensibility

  • Security

  • Manageability

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Cross-platform migration

Node.js cases

Use Cases of Node.js

Back-end developers use the Node.js platform primarily for developing JavaScript. The flexibility of Node.js lets you expand its capabilities significantly. With Node.js, you can easily create a variety of applications, such as web apps, APIs, and applications for Linux, OS X, and Windows.

Advantages of using Node.js include:

  • Efficient performance

  • Easier development process

  • Reusable code

  • Ability to handle multiple requests

  • Smooth scalability

  • Excellent prototyping capabilities

.NET and Node.js Services

Need help implementing .NET or Node.js?

Taazaa provides reliable, custom .NET and Node solutions for businesses of all sizes, at all locations, and across every vertical of industry.

.NET and Node Consulting

.NET and Node Consulting

Get expert help with your .NET and Node.js project. Our consultants can help you with code-reviews, scaling, security, and debugging. We can also help you incorporate .NET and Node.js development best practices.

Application Development and Modernization

Application Development and Modernization

Take advantage of .NET and Node efficiencies to solve your business challenges. We can help you develop and modernize your new and legacy applications.

Application Performance Optimization

Application Performance Optimization

Got an application that’s running slowly or frequently failing? Our .NET and Node experts can improve performance to drive revenue growth.

Application Performance Optimization

Application Architecture Improvements

Our professional .NET and Node architects can help reduce architecture complexity to support business development and ensure system availability and ease of maintenance.

Azure Development Services

Azure Development Services

If you need help developing and deploying .NET web applications and services in Microsoft Azure, we can help.

Enterprise .NET Solutions

Enterprise .NET Solutions

We adopt best DevOps methodologies such as continuous integration and rapid deployment to give an agile workflow to in your enterprise-level .NET projects.

SaaS Solutions

SaaS Solutions

We are your technological partners for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications centered on accounting, video, CRM, collaboration, marketing, entertainment, and more.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Taazaa uses integration tools in .NET suite to create hybrid software solutions that move your in-house datacenter and applications over to the cloud, enabling secure accessibility.

Internet of Things

Our innovative .NET developers bring simplicity to your connected devices with powerful, custom IoT applications for firmware integration and mobile apps.

.NET MVC Development

.NET MVC Development

We provide end-to-end .NET MVC solutions for mobile, cloud, and web—and integrate these with your existing ERP, CRM, or other proprietary applications.

.NET eCommerce Development

.NET eCommerce Development

Let us kick-start your online sales through a .NET-based eCommerce portal. We develop solutions with simple interfaces and top-class security features.

Why Choose Taazaa?

When you partner with Taazaa for .NET and Node development, you get a team that pays attention to every detail, sticks to timelines, and implements the best project management practices.

We actively engage project stakeholders to ensure user satisfaction and better control over the results.

Our dedicated, experienced developers meet your needs regarding scope, expertise, and skills. And you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the development process, so you’re immediately aware of any problems or bottlenecks.

Choose Taazaa and get on-time delivery of high-quality .NET and Node solutions, custom built to your specifications and needs.

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