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With Taazaa, you get a great mobile app that will wow your customers.

The Taazaa Difference

With Taazaa's software development services, you get fresh thinking, access to the latest mobile technology, and the assurance that we won’t rest until you’re not just happy, but ecstatic.

You’ll see your ideas turn into feature-rich, easy-to-use products that wow your customers.

Insightful business analysis

Insightful business analysis

Fresh design and development

Fresh design and development

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

On-demand optimization & scaling

On-demand optimization & scaling

cross-platform technologies

Expertise in native & cross-platform technologies

Our Services

Get a mobile solution that solves your market needs, facilitates your expansion and growth, and boosts your brand identity.

Whether you need a transformative enterprise-class solution or a consumer-oriented app, we offer a full menu of mobile application development services.

mobile web app consulting
Consulting and

We offer consulting advice on the feasibility of your mobile application idea and can help you create a prototype that will bring your idea to life.

This will enable potential investors and business partners to evaluate the ROI before committing resources to a full development project.

app development comapny Integration

We can also integrate new mobile applications to function seamlessly with your existing business and website tools.

What’s more, we can adapt and re-engineer your business tools for mobile so your employees can access and submit information in real-time, whenever they want and wherever they are.

native mobile app development company
Native App Development

Our developers design and build high-quality native apps for both iOS and Android systems that meet security and business requirements.

You can increase brand loyalty by offering your customers a feature-rich native mobile application.

React native app development company
React Native App Development

Using React Native, our developers can code mobile applications that are system–agnostic but feel like native applications written in Swift or Java. This speeds up the development process, reduces cost and time to market, and enables you to reach more users faster.

Hybrid mobile app development company
Hybrid App

Thanks to a unique blend of web app and native technologies, we can deliver cross-platform mobile applications that can function in different environments.

Mobile app development services

Get an App You Love

Our team won’t rest until you—and your customers—love your app. We use programming languages and tools that enable us to build apps for Android and iOS platforms, as well as IoT solutions and smartwatches.

You’ll be involved at every step. Our iterative approach enables you to give feedback early and often, and we perform continuous testing and integration until the final product is ready for launch.

But the biggest difference between Taazaa and other mobile app developers is this: You’ll actually enjoy working with us.

Tap into Our Mobile App Expertise

Creating a great mobile app begins with understanding your business—your value chain, your operational requirements, your capabilities, and your customers’ expectations.

business analysis for mobile applications

Business Analysis

Our analysts do a deep dive into your business operations and requirements to thoroughly understand the project scope. We work with you to define the high-level features and the functional/non-functional requirements of your mobile app development project.

We also thoroughly research your market and use case to derive insights that will help guide the design and development process. The insights gained from our research allows our experts to compile a rich feature list for your mobile app that will appeal to your customers and satisfy their needs.

project management for mobile application development

Project Management

Our project managers ensure the smooth execution of the entire development effort by taking ownership of the schedule, scope, and budget of your project.

They ensure that the final product meets your business and end users’ expectations, while minimizing development risks, preventing schedule slips, and avoiding budget overruns.

Mobile Software Development Company - Seamless Collaboration & Communication

Seamless Collaboration & Communication

We use a variety of software development methodologies and take a proactive, agile approach that enables our experts to deliver projects ahead of schedule.

We work with customers across the globe by establishing and streamlining communication protocols from the very beginning. Our multi-skilled specialists are always on hand to facilitate collaboration across different locations, time zones, and company cultures.

mobile application development companies

Working with Us

When you choose Taazaa to develop your mobile app, you get to market faster with an app that wows your customers.

Whether you’re looking to build a mobile application from scratch, redesign an existing app, or modernize your mobile app infrastructure, you’ll get secure, stable, high-quality results from our development team.

Get the latest mobile technology backed by years of experience in delivering custom mobile app development across a wide range of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of mobile app development?
Depending on the complexity of the app, mobile app development can cost about $24,000 for a simple app and around $137,000 for a more sophisticated app. Highly complex apps can cost $500,000 or more. The mobile app development company you partner with can also influence the cost of building your app. For more information, read our Complete Guide to Mobile App Development.
How can a mobile app benefit my business?
Mobile apps are an effective way to build stronger relationships with your customers. The biggest benefit of mobile app is increased brand awareness. You also get higher customer engagement and deeper insights into your customers’ behavior. This valuable data can be used to improve your ads, outreach efforts, and even future app versions.
What kind of mobile apps do you develop?
Taazaa builds both native and cross-platform mobile apps. We work with you to determine the best kind of app for your needs. Whether you want to build a mobile application from scratch, redesign an existing app, or modernize your mobile app infrastructure, you’ll get secure, stable, high-quality results from our mobile app development team. Contact us to learn more.
How do you choose a mobile app development platform?
When it comes to mobile app development, businesses have three options: Native, Hybrid, and Web. Native apps are specific to one operating system, providing the best performance and user experience. Hybrid apps combine elements of both Native and Web, offering cross-platform compatibility and cost-effectiveness. Web apps are accessed through browsers and are simple to use without installation.
What programming language do you use to develop iOS/Android apps?
Several programming languages can be used to build Android and iOS apps. Our mobile app development team uses the best language and technology combination for your needs.