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A well-crafted, intuitive UI makes it fast and easy for people to get what they need out of
your product. The trick is making them love it.

Fresh Thinking

From insightful business analysis to innovative design and development, we deliver a fresh perspective on achieving your goals.

The Latest Tech

Get the latest mobile technology backed by years of experience in delivering custom mobile app development across a wide range of industries.

Top Quality

Whether you want to build a new mobile application or redesign an existing one, you’ll get a secure, stable, responsive app from our team.

iOS App Development

Take advantage of the full range of features and functionality offered by Apple devices with an app built specifically for iOS.

Android App Development

Leverage the capabilities of Android devices with an app built exclusively for this open-source platform.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Get an app that looks great and works well on both Android and iOS devices, without having to maintain two separate versions.

Our Mobile App Services

Native or hybrid, we build eye-popping apps for any device or platform. We won’t rest until you love your app.

Consulting and Prototyping

We offer consulting advice on the feasibility of your mobile application idea and can help you create a prototype that will bring your idea to life.


This will enable potential investors and business partners to evaluate the ROI before committing resources to a full development project.

Consulting and Prototyping


We can integrate new mobile applications to function seamlessly with your existing business and website tools.


What’s more, we can adapt and re-engineer your business tools for mobile so your employees can access and submit information in real-time, whenever they want and wherever they are.

Native App Development

Our developers design and build high-quality native apps for both iOS and Android systems that meet security and business requirements.


Native apps allow you to offer your customers a feature-rich mobile application that works seamlessly with their device’s OS.
Native App Development

What It Looks Like

Market analysis to understand your goals and users

Collaboration and communication to stay in sync

Rapid prototyping to test and validate concepts

Iterative development to get you to market fast

Our Process



To explore your vision, customers, and the problem to be solved.


To craft the look, feel, and flow of your product.


To iteratively build the perfect product to meet your goals.


To get your finished product out to your customers.


To maintain and improve your product over time.

Our work speaks for itself ...

Our design-first approach has helped transform innovative businesses like these.

... but sometimes our
clients chime in

James Ekbatani

Taazaa has always been more than our technology partner. I give a lot of credit to Taazaa for what we were able to accomplish. The team was there through thick and thin. We struggled a lot and celebrated more. I knew they were a team I could count on.

James Ekbatani

James Ekbatani

Founder and Chairman, HealthFair

Strategic Audit Solutions Logo
Jeffrey Katz

The Taazaa team was easy to work with and delivered a powerful and professional application that we proudly demo for our clients and prospects. I find ‘The Vault’ to be highly user-friendly. It’s effortless to navigate around. The look and feel of the app are what we were looking to develop. Congrats to the Taazaa development team.

Jeffrey Katz

Jeffrey Katz

COO & Co-Founder, Strategic Audit Solutions

Strategic Audit Solutions Logo

In terms of quality and application performance, Taazaa is one of the best we have worked with. We are very satisfied with their work and deliverables! Taazaa helped us put everything together. They built the platform quickly and added more developers whenever required.

Barry French

Barry French


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Jennifer Hunter

Team, our Hopkins demo went extremely well. The team was very impressed with the new platform and provided great feedback. Thank you all for making this very important meeting a win for Emvitals! Taazaa is helping us expand our presence – thank you for all your hard work.

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter

CEO and Founder, Emvitals

Strategic Audit Solutions Logo

Many thanks for having taken care of these updates so very quickly. We are ready for a soft launch with our VOZ Advisors colleagues early in the New Year. Thank you so very much for all your help throughout the year. I have very much enjoyed working with you and give you an A+ for excellent customer service.

Ellen-Coleman (528X775)

Ellen Coleman

President and CEO, VOZ Advisor

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George Zappas

Partnering with Taazaa to create CookinGenie has been an extraordinary journey. From an initial website to a refined web and iOS app, Taazaa understood our unique challenges and the customer experience we imagined. I cannot recommend Taazaa highly enough to anyone looking to bring a complex vision to life.

George Zappas

George Zappas

Executive Chef, CookinGenie

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Mobile app development
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Startup Launch

For Startups

Launch strong with a high-quality app that establishes your digital presence, attracts early adopters, and secures future growth.

For Mid-Sized

Engage customers, boost loyalty, and expand your market reach with a well-designed mobile app.
Enterprises Businesses

For Enterprises

Streamline operations, elevate productivity, and amplify brand visibility with a sleek, interoperable mobile application.
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The product owner acts as the liaison between the development team and stakeholders. Their purpose is to ensure the app meets business objectives and user needs.
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have expertise in specific processes, practices, regulations, or user needs associated with the project. SMEs have practical experience and a thorough understanding of domain nuances and challenges involved.
The Project Manager (PM) advocates for the customer. They oversee the entire development process, keep the project on track, align team members, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure timely delivery.
The BA ensures business goals and user goals are clear to the product team. They collaborate with stakeholders to identify, analyze, and translate them into functional specifications for the development team.
The product designer focuses on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user experience. They conduct user research, design wireframes and prototypes, and collaborate with developers regarding interfaces.
The software engineer develops front-end and back-end components of the software (UI, server-side logic, APIs, databases) and integrates external services, ensuring a secure, scalable, and efficient software solution.
The DevOps engineer focuses on app security, scalability, and performance. They automate and streamline the app deployment and maintenance processes and set up integration and delivery pipelines.
Quality Assurance (QA) specialists check the software’s quality before it’s released to users. They perform manual and automated tests, identify and resolve issues, create test plans, report and track issues, and ensure app stability and reliability.

In case you're wondering ...

Depending on the complexity of the app, mobile app development can cost about $24,000 for a simple app and around $137,000 for a more sophisticated app. Highly complex apps can cost $500,000 or more. The mobile app development company you partner with can also influence the cost of building your app. For more information, read our Complete Guide to Mobile App Development.

Mobile apps are an effective way to build stronger relationships with your customers. The biggest benefit of a mobile app is increased brand awareness. You also get higher customer engagement and deeper insights into your customers’ behavior. This valuable data can be used to improve your ads, outreach efforts, and even future app versions.

Taazaa builds both native and cross-platform mobile apps. We work with you to determine the best kind of app for your needs. Whether you want to build a mobile application from scratch, redesign an existing app, or modernize your mobile app infrastructure, you’ll get secure, stable, high-quality results from our mobile app development team. Contact us to learn more.

When it comes to mobile app development, businesses have three options: Native, Hybrid, and Web. Native apps are specific to one operating system, providing the best performance and user experience. Hybrid apps combine elements of both Native and Web, offering cross-platform compatibility and cost-effectiveness. Web apps are accessed through browsers and are simple to use without installation.

Several programming languages can be used to build Android and iOS apps. Our mobile app development team uses the best language and technology combination for your needs.