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Wow your users with a beautiful, functional front-end.

React, Angluar & Vue Development
Front-End Development

Fresh Front-End Development

The front-end is the face of your website or web application.

Because it’s what your users see and interact with, the front-end has a huge influence over the user experience. All the cool widgets and seamless page loading is the result of front-end development.

Using environments like React, Angular, and Vue, Taazaa’s front-end developers give your customers a great user experience with a highly responsive, beautiful front-end.

React, Angular, or Vue?

There are several platforms for front-end web development, each designed to meet different needs. Which is best for your application?

ReactJS Cases

Use Cases for ReactJS

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for the rapid development of front-end user interfaces.

Advantages of ReactJS:

  • Easy to create elements

  • Reusable system components

  • Ensures stable code

  • Strong support community

React was created by Facebook developers, so it’s used by Facebook and Instagram, as well as Yahoo, Netflix, and others.

Angular Cases

Use Cases for Angular

Angular is a complete front-end development toolkit that has all you need to build large-scale apps.

Advantages of Angular are:

  • Reusable components

  • Easy to maintain

  • Accelerates development

  • Simplifies collaboration

Angular was created by Google, and is used by businesses like BMW, Forbes, and Xbox.

Vue.js cases

Use Cases for Vue.js

The Vue.js front-end framework is focused on interface-related tasks. Vue offers more versatility than React at a core level.

Advantages of Vue are:

  • Logical and straightforward design

  • Single syntax

  • Expansive plugin library

  • Simple and efficient

Vue was developed independently of any tech giants, which some see as a bonus. It’s used by Alibaba, Grammarly, and GitLab, and is popular with startups.

We'll help you build a great front-end that will wow your users.

Front-End Services

We can help you develop your front-end using ReactJS, Angular, or Vue.js.

Front-End Consulting

Front-End Consulting

Need help with a complex, intuitive, and high-performing front-end? Our experienced consultants can help your development team maintain, scale, and optimize your user interface. From architecture to migration and performance, we help you make more informed decisions about the technology you deploy.

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive web applications (PWAs) work like native mobile apps without your users actually installing an app. Our developers create fast, reliable, engaging PWAs your users will love—no matter which device they’re using.

Front-end Development

Front-End Development

Whether you need to augment your development capabilities or bring in a full front-end development team, we supply experienced professionals that you’ll enjoy working with.

ReactJS, Angular, or Vue.js Development

ReactJS, Angular, or Vue.js Development

No matter which platform you’ve chosen for building your web application, our team provides the expertise to build it right the first time, within your budget and timeline. Not sure which platform is best? We can help you decide.

Make your front-end fresh and engaging with help from Taazaa.

Why Choose Taazaa?

When you choose Taazaa as your front-end development partner, you get fresh thinking and design from a team you’ll love working with.

We practice iterative, agile development to keep you in the loop at every stage and give you better control over the results.

Our dedicated, experienced developers strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We aren’t happy until we wow you!

For on-time delivery of high-quality front-end solutions,
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