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UI and UX Design Services

The User Experience Is Key

Getting new customers and keeping them happy depends heavily on the user experience (UX) they have when interacting with your brand.

The user experience, in turn, depends on design, strategy, and construction of the user interface (UI).

Taazaa’s UX/UI team designs and builds high-performing user interfaces, based on a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and wants.

When you partner with Taazaa, you get a fresh user experience that wows your customers and keeps them coming back.

UI Design Services


User Interface Design Strategy


User Interface Design Services

User Interface

Our UX/UI Service

A great UI delivers a better UX by making it faster for users to do what they want to do, while also making the product look good.

UI UX Review Process

UX Review

What works and what doesn’t? That’s what our UX review will reveal.

We look at your analytics data to identify common problems and find their root causes. We also test customer interactions with you—from first contact to post-purchase—and note where problems arise. We chat with your product experts to gain their insights.

After reviewing everything we’ve learned about your product, our UX experts present you with specific recommendations for creating a great user experience.

UI/UX Design and Development Services

UX Design

UX design improves customer satisfaction by making every interaction with you easy, effective, and enjoyable—from the beginning of the buying cycle to completing the purchase, and beyond to any after-sale activities (support requests, returns, additional purchases, and so on).

Our UX designers work with your team to determine the information a user needs at every stage of the process. We can then develop a logical workflow, intuitive navigation options, and an effective eCommerce solution that your customers will love.

UI Design Service

UI Design

UI design focuses on specific stages or screens. One UI might be product selection, for example, and another might be the user’s “cart.”

UI design requires a high level of collaboration between our team and yours to ensure each interface is attractive, easy to understand, and supports your branding goals.

We design each screen to move the user easily to the next stage in the process. Our goal is to include elements that are:

Every aspect of each user interface is addressed—the visual elements and interactive processes, as well as the instructions, input controls, and navigation.

Persona Development - User Experience Development

Persona Development

Like nearly everything else in business, you have to know your customers to get the user experience right. And to that end, accurate customer personas are key.

Based on patterns gathered from real target audience data, personas represent your typical users—their behaviors, goals, attitudes, motivations, characteristics, and backgrounds.

Our experienced UI and UX design team will envision your ideal customers and identify their goals, based on information from analytics, interviews with your customer base, focus groups, and market research. We can even conduct this research for you, if you don’t have it available.

With comprehensive customer personas, our team can focus on the audience and develop a UI and UX that wows your real customers.

UI/UX Development Services


Your brand is an important component of both UI and UX design. It guides the look and feel of the product and sets the tone of the customer experience.

If you’re a pharmaceutical company, for example, you probably want to put forth a clean, professional, serious image with your branding. A candymaker, on the other hand, might want a more fun, light-hearted image.

Our user interface design team fully understands the connection between branding and the customer experience. If you already have a well-established brand, we’ll translate it to your UX and UI effectively.

If your brand needs work, we’ll design a look and feel that will create a buzz.

Wireframing, UI/UX Development Services


Before we dive into the development of your software solution or mobile app, we create a sketch of it called a wireframe.

A wireframe focuses on the functionality and the intended behaviors of your users. It typically doesn’t include styling or graphics—it just establishes the basic structure of the application before we add the visual design and functionalities.

User testing of wireframes is an important component of our UX and UI design process. Because we work iteratively, our wireframes enable you to provide feedback early and often, keeping the project aligned with your vision and goals.

Prototyping, Web UI Design Services


Prototyping is another way we test functionalities. Our team builds digital prototypes that capture the agreed-upon design concepts, allowing you and your users to try them out. This gives you a good idea of how the final version of your product will look.

The feedback received during and after prototype testing enables our team to refine and validate the design, ensuring the final product meets your requirements.

How We Work

With Taazaa as your software development company, you get a team dedicated to delivering a great user experience for your customers.

We thrive on communication and collaboration. Throughout the UX and UI design process, our team communicates with you to stay on budget and deliver on time.

And we’re agile. We work in iterations to construct, test, and deliver an affordable, high-value solution tailored to your needs—even if those needs suddenly change.

UI UX Development Company
UI UX Design Service
UI UX Design and Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UI/UX design and web design?
Web design is the process of creating websites. It involves webpage layout, graphic design, HTML/CSS coding, and content creation. User Interface (UI) design focuses on specific stages or screens and how users interact with them. User Experience (UX) design is concerned with improving customer satisfaction by making each encounter between a user and a product easy, effective, and enjoyable.
How can you help me create a desired UI/UX Design?
Taazaa can help you create the perfect UI/UX design for your product. Our team offers a full range of UI/UX services, from a review of your current UX to an optimized UI design for your product. We can also help with persona development, branding, wireframing, and prototyping. Our UX/UI teams design and build high-performing user interfaces, based on a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and wants.
Why are UI/UX services important for product development?
The experience users have with your products can make or break your business. Good UI/UX design increases audience engagement, drives conversions, and boosts revenue. Great UX design makes market leaders. If your user experience is better than your competitors, your product can outsell them all. It’s why major companies like Apple and Google invest millions of dollars in the UI/UX of their products.
How much does UI/UX design cost?
The cost of UI/UX design can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the scope of the project, the complexity of the design requirements, the level of expertise of the designer, and the geographical location of the designer or design agency.
How can UI services help your product?
UI services can significantly contribute to the success of your product by improving the user experience, strengthening your brand, increasing user engagement, optimizing for mobile devices, and enabling continuous improvement based on user feedback.