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Startup Struggle

Launch your business successfully with help from Taazaa.

You have the idea.
We have the experience.

You’re buzzing with excitement over your unique idea for a business. But you don’t know how to get it off the ground. That’s where we come in.

At Taazaa, we’ve launched several successful startups, working with innovators like you.

Funding a startup is risky. We’ll make sure you don’t get stung.

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We’re more than an equity partner—we’re an entire hive of talent. From management and technical expertise to help with marketing and sales, we’ve got your back.

We help you leap the hurdles and avoid the pitfalls so you can launch your startup successfully.

Venture Studio Success Stories

We’ve helped startups in healthcare, property management,
eCommerce, EdTech, and more.

Innago Became a Leading Property Management Platform

Innago, a leading property management platform, needed to pivot quickly. As an equity partner, we provided:

  • An adjunct CTO

  • Fundraising guidance

  • A dedicated product team

"After so many successful projects together, I can assure you that Taazaa is one of the best things that happened in my working experience. I have tried many companies, but I am happy that I stopped on Taazaa. Smooth UX, timeless UI, and it’s working like a Swiss clock."

Dave Spooner

Co-founder and CEO, Innago

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Tobi Cloud Launched 3x Faster

This NY-based NEMT startup needed to recover from a failed product launch. We stepped in as an equity partner to help:

  • Rapidly deploy a dedicated team

  • Develop a new product strategy

  • Build replacement product

  • Support the product launch

  • Reduce cost by 30%

"Taazaa did an amazing job of quickly understanding our needs and translating them into a user-friendly and feature-loaded application. Their ability to execute on our vision has helped us become a prospering non-emergency medical transportation business in a short span."

Gil Amado

Co-founder and CEO, Tobi Cloud

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CookinGenie Launched Successfully Mid-Pandemic

This unique chef-on-call platform launched their business successfully, even amid the challenges of the pandemic. Acting as a co-founder, we helped:

  • Build the team

  • Design and build the software

  • Find funding

  • Provide support services

"Taazaa helped us hone in on our target customers and develop a website application that would be the most effective for reaching them. They were incredibly patient with us as we went through the process of figuring out what we wanted. Their expertise was invaluable in helping us create a visually appealing and functional website."

Sabah Drabu

Co-founder, CookinGenie

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What Is a Venture Studio?

A venture studio is a business that combines company building with venture funding.

Venture studios help you overcome the hurdles of turning your idea into a business. They provide an initial capital amount and operational support to build your company from the ground up.

Different Business Models

What’s the difference between a Venture Capital firm, an
Incubator, an Accelerator, and a Venture Studio?

Why Do Startups Fail?

There are several common challenges to startup success, but in our experience, startups fail to overcome four common challenges.

1. Marketing Challenges

Marketing mistakes account for 56% of failed startups. And that often means a lack of productmarket fit. You don’t want to invest a ton of time and resources until you know your product meets the needs of your target customers.

Taazaa helps you validate your assumptions quickly and cheaply. When the product is ready for the market, we help craft clear messaging to ensure you stand out in a noisy and crowded market.

2. Team Challenges

Your product team needs the right domain knowledge, market awareness, technical know-how, and business savvy to build a quality product.

We help you assemble a highly motivated, frictionless team skilled in the latest technologies and product development methodologies.

3. Finance Challenges

More than half of startup founders struggle with budgeting for their business launch and growth. Many burn through startup funding too quickly as a result.

We work with you to design a business model that supports long-term success. Our model will embrace your product idea, audience segment, and revenue goals.

4. Tech Challenges

Many entrepreneurs found startups believing they have the expertise to build the software they need. Others know they need help, but vastly underestimate the time and technology required. Or they overestimate, investing in pricey technology they don’t need.

We act as the CTO of your startup, combining your vision with our understanding of the market. We can help you accurately estimate the time, tech stack, and effort required to turn your idea into reality.

With Taazaa as your equity partner, you get a guide to steer you around the challenges.

Partnering with Taazaa

Under Taazaa’s venture studio model, you get more than just product design and engineering support. You also get access to:

  • Our investor network

  • Top-tier technical talent

  • Pre-established, highly functional teams

  • Leadership familiar with the startup path

  • A proven product methodology

  • Support for scale-up and growth

We know how to make your business a success because we’ve done it before — many times!

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