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Real-estate software development

The Taazaa Difference

Need help developing property-related software? Get the help you need from a team with in-depth PropTech experience—Taazaa.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and provide the development expertise to bring your idea to life—even if all you have is a sketch.

Our team gives you the bandwidth to launch your product in weeks, not years.

We’ll help you develop an innovative PropTech solution that will wow your customers.

Our PropTech Experience

Rely on our PropTech experience to guide the development of your property management solution.

Tenant Management Solutions

Tenant Management Solutions

Whether they own a few rental units or several large communities, landlords are hungry for solutions that make tenant management easier. These apps need to be optimized for web and mobile, and easy for landlords, property managers, maintenance staff, and tenants to understand and use.

We’ve helped clients develop easy-to-use software for managing:

  • Rent payment

  • Lease/document management

  • Maintenance ticketing

  • Renters insurance monitoring

  • Non-traditional rentals

Real Estate Software Development

Building Management Platforms

Modern maintenance and building management can be challenging, even for small buildings. Building managers need management platforms they can access on desktops, phones, and tablets. We can help you design and develop a building management platform to facilitate:

  • Work order tracking

  • Building alerts

  • Asset management

  • Space planning

  • Touchless asset control

  • Occupancy monitoring

Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Solutions

Residential real estate agencies and business brokerages want software that gives their agents and brands a competitive advantage. They seek fresh solutions to help with all aspects of realty, including:

  • Property marketing

  • Property sales

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Transaction management

  • Smart appraisals

  • Listing management

  • Analytics platforms

Real Estate and Construction Management Software

Construction Management Systems

Whether they’re a small contractor or a large firm, construction companies need reliable management software to deliver projects on time and within budget. They’re on the lookout for solutions that provide:

  • Schedule and budget management

  • Remote collaboration

  • Project management

  • Bid management

  • Project finance monitoring

  • Smart documentation

  • Quality and safety management

Proptech Software Development

Custom PropTech Solutions

You’ve got a great idea for a new PropTech solution—but you don’t have the resources to build it yourself.

You could spend a lot of time and money hiring the team you need, but faster and more costeffective option is partnering with Taazaa. Even if all you have is a back-of-the-envelope sketch, we can provide the knowledge and talent to guide you to success.

Get a tailored solution delivered quickly and affordably with custom PropTech development from Taazaa. Contact us for a quote!

Get your custom transportation and logistics solution delivered in weeks, not years.

How We Work

We begin with an analysis of your software and operations, and an in-depth review of your technology. We then develop style concepts, create a preliminary design and a prototype, and work with you to figure out the estimate, budget, and timeline of the project.

Our iterative approach lets you give feedback early and often, and we perform continuous testing and integration until the final product is ready for launch. The result? A fresh software solution developed by an experienced team.

Get outstanding software quality, a quick turnaround, and excellent results from a technology partner you’ll actually enjoy working with—Taazaa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a property management app?
Determining the cost of a custom property management app can vary significantly depending on the project’s specifics. Several factors influence development costs, such as the project’s complexity, size, scope, technology requirements, development approach, and the development team or company used. To get a precise estimate, give us a buzz. Once we know your project requirements, we can provide a more accurate cost estimate based on our experience with similar projects.
What does property management software do?
Real estate and property management software is a broad umbrella that covers a few different types of property-related solutions. From helping landlords manage rental units and tenants to maintenance and building management, software can streamline many property management tasks. A custom construction management solution might help builders find more efficient and cost-effective ways to plan and complete projects. A bespoke real estate application could help realtors manage listings and reach a broader audience of property buyers.
What are the primary benefits of a custom property management system?
A custom property management system refers to a software solution specifically designed and tailored to meet the unique needs of a property-related or real estate company. Unlike off-the-shelf software, a custom property management system is built to address the business’s specific processes, workflows, and challenges. While a custom property management system offers numerous benefits, it requires careful planning, development, and ongoing maintenance. Working with experienced developers or a custom software development company ensures the system is built effectively to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
How would a real estate agency benefit from having custom property management software?
With a tailor-made application, a real estate agency can streamline operations, enhance customer service, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Personalized property management software can elevate the agency’s brand, enhance buyer and seller experiences, and solve unique problems unmet by commercial real estate solutions. The agency may even white-label the application and sell it to other agencies to create an additional revenue stream.
What types of software are used in the property industry?
The property industry employs a variety of software solutions to manage different aspects of construction, landlord, and real estate operations. These solutions include rental management, real estate listings, property valuation, transaction management, construction and facilities management, and similar functions. The choice of software depends on the specific needs and functions of the business, whether it’s a real estate agency, property management company, developer, investor, or construction firm.