Your Future
Is Our Focus

Laser-focused on your business objectives, we work iteratively to ideate, design, architect, develop, deliver, run, and support your software products and platforms.

Taazaa Approach

Prioritize value

The value of quality software isn't achieved by bells and whistles. It's measured primarily by how useful it is to meet business goals and user expectations. Before turning concepts into code, our process begins by deeply understanding and balancing what is truly valuable to the business and the user.

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Prioritize value

Fast, iterative prototyping to reduce risk.

Once concepts are clear, we make them concrete through prototyping—a low-risk, hands-on way of validating a hypothesis by focusing on the smallest set of viable features. Prototyping is the best way to prevent wasted time developing dead-end features.

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Fast iterative prototyping

Release early,
release often.

Waste is the chief enemy of value. It takes many forms and is always lurking in software development. To neutralize waste, we make it visible by working in short iterations—delivering verifiable work and getting feedback from product sponsors as frequently as possible.

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Release early

Change. We
welcome it!

The rate of change today is relentless—and comes with a cost, if introduced at the wrong time. That's why in a software development company, the pace of collaboration is critical. We provide clients with the flexibility to change course to hit moving targets. We also help minimize the cost of change and avoid 11th-hour surprises.

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Done. Done. Done.

All the way. Each story. According to everyone. A clear definition of "done" and regular review of its application reduces partially finished work, wait times, and the cost of rework.

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