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Improve fleet management and logistics with custom software solutions from Taazaa.

Transportation and logistic software development
Transport and Logistics Software Solutions

The Taazaa Difference

Need help creating a transportation and logistics solution? We’ve developed similar solutions before and can help guide you around the pitfalls.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and provide the development expertise to bring your idea to life—even if all you have is a sketch.

Your final product will look great. It’ll be easy to use. And it will wow your customers.

We’ll help you launch your innovative transportation and logistics solution in weeks, not years.

Our Experience

Rely on our industry experience to guide the development of your transportation and logistics solution.

Logistics Fleet Management Software Development Company

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions help streamline operations to make transportation fleets more cost-effective and productive. Using vehicle tracking systems like GPS, these solutions deliver real-time updates on fleet vehicles, enabling companies to measure and improve performance.

See how we helped a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company build a fleet management app. Read the case study.

Supply Chain Management Solution

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Modern SCM solutions strengthen supply chains by increasing transparency and visibility. Using powerful analytics technologies, SCM software enables companies to anticipate shifts in demand, proactively manage resources, mitigate potential risks, and improve efficiencies.

If you need help developing or upgrading your SCM solution, give us a buzz.

Warehouse Management Logistics Solutions

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management software helps monitor inventory and report on productivity and other metrics to help increase the efficiency of warehouse operations. This software often integrates with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of business applications.

Have an idea for a warehouse management solution? Need help integrating your software with your ERP suite? Contact us.

Logistic & Delivery Management Solutions

Delivery Management

Delivery management software streamlines the product delivery process from start to finish. Common features include automated delivery dispatch and pick-up, trackable delivery status and delays, and AI-powered suggestions for shorter routes to ensure faster deliveries. Some solutions facilitate correspondence between delivery agents and customers.

For development help with a custom delivery management solution, talk to Taazaa.

Mileage Tracking Software Development Company

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking solutions automatically and accurately track mileage and expenses for mobile employees. These solutions can be integrated with larger fleet management systems and use mobile GPS app and web SaaS technologies.

We helped Automilez create their architecture-light, scalable mileage tracking app. Read the case study.

Third-Party Software Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Need to integrate third-party software into your existing ERP, SCM, or other existing system? Taazaa can help establish secure, fast, and reliable third-party integrations with all the platforms you need to connect to. Give us a buzz!

Custom Logistics Software Development Company

Custom Logistics Software

Your transportation and logistics needs may not match everyone else’s. Sometimes, you need a solution that fills a unique need.

We can help. We start by understanding your unique needs, then work closely with you to create a reliable solution built on the latest technologies. Contact Taazaa to learn more.

Get your custom transportation and logistics solution delivered in weeks, not years.

How We Work

We begin with an analysis of your software and operations, and an in-depth review of your technology. We then develop style concepts, create a preliminary design and a prototype, and work with you to figure out the estimate, budget, and timeline of the project.

You gain a fresh software solution developed by a professional team you’ll love. Our iterative approach lets you to give feedback early and often, and we perform continuous testing and integration until the final product is ready for launch.

Get outstanding software quality, a quick turnaround, and excellent results from a technology partner you’ll actually enjoy working with—Taazaa.