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Design-led innovation that ensures an awesome user experience.

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Custom Software Development and Software Product Engineering

We're a software development company helping organizations design and build secure, high-quality digital solutions that propel your business forward.

Our high-empathy design and iterative approach to development reduces risk and helps ensure rapid delivery and a tight fit to your business.

Low Friction

Low Friction



UI/UX Design Service

Design Thinking



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Stay Relevant in a World of Relentless Change

Development Team to help work faster
Work Faster

Older tech or overworked teams slowing you down? We can add muscle to internal dev teams, modernize existing software, and automate business processes.

Leap Ahead
Leap Ahead

Are you concerned about falling behind your competition? With Taazaa, you can leverage emerging technologies that will help you stay relevant, adapt to change, and wow your customers.

Stand Out
Stand Out

Have a fresh idea for a high-impact software product that isn't commercially available? From back-of-the-envelope to proof of concept and beyond, our designers and engineers will help you get your bright idea into the hands of those who need it most.


Case Studies

Home Healthcare Assessment Solution

Learn how we built a complete custom health assessment software solution.

Illustration of a home healthcare assessment of a patient.

Case Studies

Mobile App and Portal for Therapeutic Exoskeleton

Taazaa helped build software to power a client’s therapeutic exoskeleton.

Illustration of a man using an exoskeleton to walk while a doctor monitors him.

Case Studies

Custom ERP Solution for Facilities Maintenance Provider

When a massive commercial facilities maintenance provider needed custom ERP software development, they turned to Taazaa.

Custom ERP software for snow removal services

We’ll get you to ‘wow’ faster.

Human-Centric User Experience Design Service
Human-Centric Design

We take a design-first approach that’s hyper-focused on user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) design. Our goal is to delight your end-users.

Fanatic Focus on You

We are here to realize your vision and quickly turn an abstract idea into functioning software—built by a highly skilled team.

Easy to Work with Dedicated Development Team
Easy to Work With

We value collaboration over contracts. We walk a mile in the end-users’ shoes and work on making their journey easier.


Custom Software Development

Our tech expertise, paired with business awareness, allows us to build streamlined software products for mobile, web, and desktop. Taazaa’s custom software development team covers all aspects of a project—from validation to development to maintenance and support.

Why partner with us?

Elastic Software Product Teams
Elastic Software
Product Teams

We bring the right software engineers, UX designers, full-stack developers, DevOps pros, test automation engineers, business analysts, and product managers together to create nimble teams that deliver on strategy and mission.

Product Modernization

Explore new possibilities through our Product Modernization services. Modernizing legacy applications is essential to stay relevant and gain a competitive advantage. We help you keep up with evolving technologies and address new customer challenges.

All Technologies Product Development Company
All the Tech

Be it Cloud Native SAAS, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions, AI and IoT Connectivity Solutions, API Development, Big Data Solutions, or Infrastructure Support, we have the right talent to help build your dream product.

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Research and Innovation
Research and

Pushing the envelope on an existing product? Creating a genre-defining new market? From the prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), we can help you find the right innovation that will make your business stand out to your customers.

Clients' Experiences

What are people saying about Taazaa?

Many thanks for having taken care of these updates so very quickly. We are ready for a soft launch with our VOZ Advisors colleagues early in the New Year. Thank you so very much for all your help throughout the year. I have very much enjoyed working with you and give you an A+ for excellent customer service.

Ellen Coleman

President and CEO

VOZ Advisors

The Taazaa team was easy to work with and delivered a powerful and professional application that we are proud to demo for our clients and prospects. I find The Vault to be highly user-friendly. It's effortless to navigate around. The look and feel of the app are what we were looking to develop. Congrats to the Taazaa development team.

Jeffrey Katz

COO and Co-Founder

Strategic Audit Solutions

Team, our Hopkins demo went extremely well. The team was very impressed with the new platform and provided great feedback. Thank you all for making this very important meeting a win for Emvitals! Taazaa is helping us expand our presence – thank you for all your hard work.

Jennifer Hunter

CEO and Founder


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