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Get fresh, affordable, and reliable software from an outsourced team you’ll enjoy working with.

Remote High Performing Development Teams
On-Demand Remote Software Development Team

On-Demand Experience

You’re overburdened. You have no budget to expand your team. And you have a high-priority software project you need to get done ASAP. Good news: Taazaa’s remote high-performing teams can help.

When you outsource software development to us, you get bespoke, reliable software on time and under budget.

Get great software in weeks from a team you’ll love working with.

  • You’ll find that our global diversity lets us solve problems in fresh ways. We create long-term value rather than a short-term fix.

  • You deserve great software that makes your life easier, and that’s what we deliver.

The Taazaa Difference

What makes working with our software development company so enjoyable? You’ll probably appreciate our work experience, technical excellence, and commitment to boosting your revenue. But the reason you’ll love working with us stems from our culture.

Our people-first culture emphasizes curiosity, humility, and empathy. We hike a mile in your boots to truly understand—and overcome—the challenges you face.

Our Services

Reduce costs, avoid hassles, and get custom software and web application development from a team you'll love working with.

Remote Working Engineering Team Extension

Team Extension

Save money. Avoid hiring full-time staff when you only need temporary support.

If your in-house team needs short-term help to complete your projects, then our team extension model is a perfect fit for you. Our seasoned software developers will support your in-house team to ensure your projects are completed on time and with a high level of polish.

With Taazaa extending your capabilities, your team doesn’t experience burnout. Your projects are completed on time. And because you avoid hiring full-time employees needlessly, you save money.

Taazaa Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Teams

Let go of the hassle and frustration of managing an in-house team.

Engaging a dedicated team from Taazaa gives you access to developers and engineers with deep industry knowledge and experience. We deliver affordable, high-value solutions tailored to your business needs.

Forget the hassle of hiring, screening, and managing a team. We’ve got you covered.

Taazaa Hybrid Development Teams

Hybrid Teams

Get the expertise and flexibility you need to tackle complex, large-scale projects.

Based in the United States and India, Taazaa’s hybrid teams are made up of specialists and generalists with deep experience and an acute understanding of your challenges.

If you have a complex, large-scale project, bring in one of our hybrid teams for a rapid, high-quality solution.

A remote team is an effective way to augment your engineering capabilities.

Team Structure

When you engage with Taazaa, you get a team of the best talent for your project. Not sure what a team member’s role involves? Here’s a quick breakdown.

UX and UI Designers Team

UX and UI Designers

UX and UI developers design and create a straightforward, effortless, and meaningful experience for your users.

UX design improves customer satisfaction by making every interaction with you easy, effective, and enjoyable—from the beginning of the buying cycle to the after-sale activities.

UI design requires a high level of collaboration between our team and yours to ensure each interface is attractive, easy to understand, and supports your branding goals.

Front-End Developers Teams

Front-End Developers

Front-end developers create the parts of your software that users see and directly interact with.

Using HTML, CSS, and other JavaScript frameworks, front-end engineers create interfaces that allow your users to seamlessly interact with your website or web application.

Back-End Developers Team

Back-End Developers

Back-end developers work behind the scenes. They build your application’s structure by writing complex algorithms and application logic that allows your software to work smoothly.

They plan and develop the application architecture, decide which services and databases should communicate, determine how APIs and external integrations should work, and develop test cases to make sure the product is bug-free.

Quality Assurance Engineers Team

Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality assurance (QA) engineers work on software design, code reviews, configuration management, program testing, software integration, release management, and other quality measures.

They look out for bugs and other gaps to ensure your software’s performance is excellent, making you look more professional and reliable to your customers.

DevOps Engineers Team

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers work on processes, tools, and methodologies to balance coding, deployment, maintenance, and updates throughout the software development lifecycle.

Our specialists guarantee that your application is secure, accessible, and easy to upgrade. They also make sure it works around the clock and can sustain sudden surges in use.

Business Analysts Team

Business Analysts

Business analysts meet with your stakeholders to understand how data-driven changes can improve your business. They monitor and analyze crucial metrics to ensure that business data and reporting remain accurate, relevant, and easily understood.

They also conduct market analysis and study the overall profitability of your business.

Project Managers Team

Project Managers

The project manager is the captain of the team. They delegate tasks, track progress, deal with impediments, and keep the team motivated.

The project manager is also your main point of contact. They work closely with you at the outset to establish project needs, deadlines, and budgets. As the work progresses, they keep you updated, facilitate change requests, and resolve any conflicts.

Tap into our experience with multiple platforms, languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Working with Our Remote Teams

With a remote high-performing team from Taazaa on your side, you can quickly and affordably deliver secure, reliable software.

We thrive on communication and collaboration. Throughout the development process, our team communicates with you to stay on budget and deliver on time.

And we’re agile. We work in iterations to construct, test, and deliver an affordable, high-value solution tailored to your needs—even if those needs suddenly change.

With Taazaa, you get the competitive advantage you need to attract new prospects, retain current customers, and increase your company’s profitability.

Engage a remote, high-performing team from Taazaa and get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a dedicated software development team?
First, clearly define your project requirements and goals to identify the specific expertise and skillset you need. Once you have a “shopping list,” you can assess each team’s technical proficiency, experience, and portfolio to ensure they have a track record of successfully delivering similar projects. Evaluate their communication skills, cultural fit, and responsiveness to ensure you can collaborate with them effectively. Ask about their development methodologies and processes, and make sure they align with yours. Assess their flexibility and scalability to accommodate changing requirements and project growth. Additionally, consider factors like project cost, team location, and availability in order to find the right balance between quality and affordability.
When should you hire a dedicated software development team?
Hiring a dedicated software development team is advisable when you lack in-house expertise or resources to handle a project. By hiring a dedicated team, you gain access to a team with the necessary skills and experience to efficiently complete your project. If you have a project with a fixed scope, timeline, and budget, a dedicated team can provide the necessary focus to complete it successfully. Additionally, if you anticipate fluctuations in project demands or require scalability, a dedicated team can quickly adapt to accommodate changing requirements. Furthermore, if you seek a long-term partnership or require ongoing software maintenance and support, a dedicated team offers continuity and can provide sustained assistance.
How much does it cost to hire a dedicated software development team?
Cost varies depending on several factors, such as the team’s location, size, skill level, and experience, as well as the project’s complexity and duration. The number of developers, designers, testers, and project managers needed can also influence the cost.
What are the benefits of a dedicated development team?
A dedicated team provides a pool of specialized and skilled professionals with expertise in different technologies and programming languages. Such teams offer flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down resources for more efficient resource allocation. The efficiencies gained by outsourcing to a dedicated development team can significantly lower the project cost.
What are hybrid teams?
At Taazaa, the term “hybrid teams” refers to teams made up of specialists and generalists with deep experience and an acute understanding of your challenges. Recently, the term has been adopted to refer to a work model that includes both office-based staff and remote employees.