Internet of

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects
devices together to create smart
homes, cars, and more.

Internet Of Things

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Custom IoT Development

Get Connected to IoT

At work and at home, our world is buzzing with connected devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest technological advances of this century. You can control connected machines from miles away, via platforms like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and others.

The IoT use cases grow each day as the technology improves.

Enterprise & Industrial IoT Solutions

IoT solutions address large scale needs in several industries, including property
management, security, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

IOT Solution for Connected Device

Connected Devices

In a large-scale business setting, connected devices can help increase productivity and reduce operational risks. Enterprise and industrial IoT solutions let you to collect and analyze data from connected devices and assets. Using this data, you can monitor environmental factors, identify problematic trends early enough to mitigate them, and gain other actionable insights.

RFID Software Development

Beacons and RFID tags

Beacons and RFID tags are small wireless transmitters used in enterprises for tracking assets to streamline production and fulfillment. They can be used to improve your production processes, provide real-time delivery data to your customers, pinpoint the location of individual products within a vast warehouse, and more.

IoT Sensors Development


Sensors make it possible to collect data in almost any situation and are now used in countless industries and fields—medical care, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, agriculture, and many others. A connected network of sensors can help measure ambient temperature, noise levels, flow rate, patient health, and more.

Wearable Devices IoT software Development

Wearable Healthcare Devices

Healthcare providers use purpose-built wearable devices to remotely monitor patient health in a number of ways. These devices can connect to hospital systems, patient portals, and other medical systems to provide constant reporting on disease states and alert patients and doctors to urgent health conditions.

Taazaa's engineers provide a cost-effective way to fill IoT knowledge gaps within your existing team.

Consumer IoT Solutions

IoT solutions address large scale needs in several industries, including property management, security, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and more.



Consumer wearable devices (think Fitbit and Apple Watch) help keep users healthy, connected, and entertained. They have evolved far beyond simple “step counters” and can now monitor heart rate, blood oxygen level, and other health indicators. Some devices can even perform electrocardiograms (ECGs). They also give at-a-glance access to weather information, messages, and more. Many companies are capitalizing on the ever-expanding functionality of wearables by creating apps that connect common wearable devices to their smart products.

Connected Car IoT Solution

Connected Cars

Vehicles are increasingly connected. Onboard computing power and communication systems can now monitor the driver, automobile, and road. Emerging telematics Technology will let vehicles communicate with other devices and road users. And as we move close to self-driving vehicles, the presence of onboard entertainment systems is growing.

Smart Homes IoT Solution

Smart Homes

The number of connected homes is skyrocketing. Amazon, Apple, and Google are the three major platforms for smart home products, enabling three broad categories of IoT devices: labor-saving devices, security systems, and environment control. Homeowners can now use their voice or their smartphone to turn on lights, control the thermostat, and much more. Manufacturers are racing to develop connected home products.

Get Expert IoT Development Help

IoT Development

IoT software development can be a complex and confusing process. If your internal team doesn’t have the requisite skill set, tap the IoT engineers at Taazaa.

Taazaa’s IoT team offers the following services:

  • Strategic IoT Consulting

  • Full-Cycle Development

  • Custom IoT Solutions

  • AnalyticsDevelopment of Non-AI or ML Components

  • IoT Application Management

  • Embedded Development

  • Middleware Development (IoT Platform Integration)

  • Connected Vehicle and Telematics Solutions

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Solutions

  • Connected Interiors and Smart Home Solutions

  • Remote Device Management

  • IoT Application Testing

If you value on high collaboration and co-creation, you’ll love working with our team. We keep you in the loop at every stage of development, and always focus on your success.

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