Clutch Recognizes Taazaa as a Market Leader in Ohio

Clutch, a reputed marketplace for business services, named Taazaa Inc. in its Leaders Matrix for Ohio as the top Ohio Custom Software Developer.

This recognition is another milestone in our journey to becoming a best-in-class product engineering company.

The Clutch Leaders Matrix evaluates companies based on their ability to deliver outstanding service. It ranks companies based on client reviews, the number and type of clients they’ve engaged with, and their market presence.

What is the Leaders Matrix?

Clutch’s Leaders Matrix for the Top Ohio Custom Software Developers is an interactive, graphical representation of the top software providers based out of Ohio.

It maps custom software developers on their ability to deliver and focus, segmenting them into four tiered quadrants: Emerging, Proven, Niche, and Market Leader.

Visitors can interact with the graph on Clutch’s website by hovering over individual data points and clicking a company name to drill down into its ranking parameters.

The 5 Market Leaders on Clutch

1. Taazaa Inc

Headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, Taazaa has more than 300 employees and is one of the largest organizations on this list. The most significant part of our market focus is split between Custom Software Development and Mobile App Development.

2. Moreland Connect 

With a much smaller team and a narrower service focus, Moreland Connect comes across as a niche software developer. In their Clutch profile, they have defined their focus as Customer Software Development, emphasizing high-ticket projects.


SKYCATCHFIRE is headquartered in Canton, Ohio. Focusing on web development, it specializes in working with creative agencies. On Clutch, it has mentioned its headcount as under 50 employees.

 4. Galaxy IT INC

According to its Clutch profile, Galaxy IT is located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and has 50 employees. It specializes in eCommerce development.

5. Expeed Software

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Expeed Software has a headcount of under 250 employees. They focus mainly on Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, and Web Development.

How Does Clutch Rate and Select Companies?

Clutch maps a company against its competitors as a function of two numbers—its “Ability to Deliver” and its “Focus.”

Ability to Deliver

To calculate a company’s Ability to Deliver, Clutch uses its proprietary algorithm to rank companies based on client reviews, work experience, and market impact. When factoring client reviews, it considers the number, quality, and recency of a company’s verified reviews.

Taazaa scored the highest among its competitors on this metric.

Focus Score

The Focus Score demonstrates the specialization of a company in Custom Software Development. In addition to custom software development, Taazaa offers UX/UI Design, SaaS Development, Data Engineering and Analytics, Mobile App Development, DevOps CI/CD, and Web Development services.

Since Custom Software Development is multi-disciplinary, focusing on complementary fields is ideal for development firms.

With a wider focus, Taazaa offers a more comprehensive service basket for product engineering than other niche firms in the rankings, which only offer development services.

What Does This Mean for Taazaa?

Local businesses want software developers who can understand where they are coming from. Plus, hiring locally means face-to-face meetings and greater transparency—which can add a lot of value for growing businesses looking to scale their business quickly through innovation.

Taazaa has the top spot this year among 139 software development companies in Ohio. This milestone reaffirms the trust our customers have placed in us.

Part of a Larger Journey

This recognition follows Taazaa’s SOC-2 (Type 1) certification. Taazaa continues to hit increasing industry benchmarks as it evolves to the next stage of its growth journey.

Taazaa’s position at the top of this matrix illustrates the success we have consistently achieved in delivering high-quality, user-centric software solutions that are effective and efficient.

“The custom software development market is evolving rapidly, with an increasing demand for tailored solutions,” said Yasir Drabu, Founder and CEO of Taazaa. “Clutch’s recognition of Taazaa as a leader in this field validates our mission to make great software more accessible.”

Bidhan Baruah, Co-founder and COO of Taazaa, added, “This achievement demonstrates our team’s hard work and our deep understanding of the software development landscape. We remain committed to our core belief that software should be a lever for better business outcomes.”

Taazaa Brings Ideas to Life

At Taazaa, our mission is to design world-class digital products. We want to help startups and growing businesses achieve meaningful interactions with their customers. Clutch’s recognition as a market leader shows entrepreneurs and businesses in Ohio that Taazaa has the expertise to bring their ideas to life.

Naveen Joshi

Chief Marketing Officer

Naveen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Taazaa. He has spent 15+ years understanding the core of marketing and sales in technology. His pursuit of getting things done in the best way possible has taught him to distinguish theory from practice.