Custom Pharmacy Management Software Development

Custom Pharmacy Management Software Development Photo

The Challenge

The Taazaa team was tasked with designing a solution that met the following challenges:


  • Multi-tenancy support, to enable a single instance of the application could serve multiple pharmacies
  • Pharmacy license tracking and federal prescription flagging, to ensure that all transactions meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance guidelines
  • Custom reports, to deliver a snapshot of a pharmacy’s business on the fly



ATX Ware Pharmacy Sales platform was designed to meet the operational and business demands of pharmacy managers and pharmaceutical sales organizations. A clean, highly visual user interface makes the solution easy to use. We designed the reports and analytics to deliver easy-to-understand data that can be quickly understood.

The Solution

ATX Pharmacy Management solution integrates with specialty pharmacy software such as PK Compounder. The RX Prescription tool helps pharmacies to focus on their customer care, while the RX Sales app enables medical distributors and pharmaceutical sales organizations to track accounts in real time. The Pharmacy Analytics functionality optimizes the efficacy of care by creating actionable insight from pharmacy and sales data.