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No-Code Development Saves Innago Significant Support Hours 

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Key Takeaways

  • Innago had a high volume of support requests 
  • Each request required the senior SL2 support team 
  • Taazaa built a web portal to allow SL1 team to handle requests 
  • Two junior developers created the new app in two months 
  • The app helped increase backend database security 

The Challenge

Innago markets intuitive tenant management tools for small and mid-sized landlords. The software serves as a 360-degree property management tool for small and mid-sized rental properties. The application streamlines lease renewals, repair requests, and other vital communications and gives landlords visibility into statistical insights about their rental properties. 


Innago’s support teams field hundreds of requests each month. Most can be handled quickly by the support team, but roughly 200 support requests per month had to be elevated to the development team for resolution.  


These requests were relatively simple tasks, like updating a lease or property owner. However, the support team lacked the self-service options to make changes. They had to elevate the requests to the development team for manual resolution, which involved direct backend scripts to update. 


The process was time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error. It also required several people to access the backend database. 

The Solution

Innago asked Taazaa to build an application that allowed the support team to handle these requests through configurable forms.  


Taazaa challenged two junior developers with the task. They used a no-code platform called AppSmith to build a simple web app to handle the requests. The app connects to Innago’s databases and APIs to retrieve and update data.  


Users fill out configurable forms that then update the databases automatically. The forms include validations to prevent errors, and the app logs all changes for audit purposes. 


Although the two developers had no experience with no-code tools, they completed the initial version in just two weeks. It only had two key features, but the client stakeholders were impressed. They asked for more and more features to be added to the new app. 


After launch, the app was handling 200 tickets per month, freeing up the SL2 team for other work. 

The Results

The new app enables the SL1 support team to handle 200 tickets per month that previously required manual work from a development-level SL2 team. It freed up the SL2 team to work on other, more mission-critical work. 


Furthermore, the app reduced the time to resolve those tickets from 100 SL2-team hours to roughly 20-25 SL1-team hours. It also helped in blackboxing the database so that no one needed backend access. 


Innago is delighted with the solution and continues to request new features and improvements. Our team is now working on UX/UI enhancements and exploring the use of no-code tools for other internal processes. 

From the initial concept discussions to the final implementation, your dedication to excellence has been truly remarkable. The creative designs, intuitive user interface, and seamless user experience your team crafted have exceeded my expectations.
Dave Spooner
Dave Spooner
CEO & Co-Founder, Innago

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