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Empowering Landlords with Intuitive Tenant Management

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The Challenge

The redesign process of Innago’s UI encountered a central challenge in striking the delicate equilibrium between simplicity and functionality. The aim was to create an interface that not only streamlined complex processes but was also accessible to landlords with diverse levels of tech-savviness. Balancing the need for a feature-rich platform with an intuitive and user-friendly design became paramount. This challenge reflected a commitment to inclusivity, acknowledging that the user base comprised individuals with varying degrees of technological proficiency.


Another layer of complexity arose from the necessity to ensure scalability for landlords managing diverse property portfolios. The design had to accommodate the varied needs and scales of property management, from small-scale landlords to those overseeing more extensive and complex real estate portfolios. This dual challenge of addressing the spectrum of technological familiarity while ensuring scalability underscored the intricate nature of the redesign, emphasizing a commitment to creating a versatile and adaptive platform for the diverse user base of Innago.

The Design

In crafting Innago’s design strategy, careful consideration was given to visual elements that evoke a sense of trust and reliability. A clean and professional color palette was meticulously selected, featuring soothing blues and greens, to convey a feeling of dependability. The deliberate choice of colors aimed to instill confidence in landlords, assuring them of the platform’s reliability in handling their critical tenant management tasks. This visual cohesion also served to create a cohesive and polished aesthetic that aligns with the professionalism expected in property management.


Typography played a crucial role in the user interface, with a focus on selecting clear and legible fonts. The goal was to enhance readability and ensure that landlords could easily digest information without any visual strain. This deliberate choice in typography contributes not only to the overall visual appeal but also to the functionality of the platform, creating a seamless reading experience for users engaging with critical information related to their properties.


Additionally, the design incorporated custom icons tailored to represent key actions and features. These icons serve as visual cues, aiding in quick recognition and understanding of different functionalities. This approach enhances the overall user experience by providing an intuitive visual language that aligns with the platform’s functionality.


The implementation of a responsive design further underscored the commitment to user experience. Ensuring a consistent and optimal display across various devices, from desktops to mobile devices, guarantees that landlords can access and manage their properties seamlessly regardless of the platform they choose. This adaptability ensures that the design is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, catering to the diverse ways in which users engage with the Innago platform.

Success Story- Empowering Landlords With Intuitive Tenant Management- The Design

The Solution

The solution was meticulously crafted to transform the tenant management experience for small-to-mid-size landlords through the development of a seamless and user-friendly web application. At the heart of this initiative is the intuitive dashboard, acting as a central command center. This dashboard not only offers landlords a comprehensive real-time overview of their property portfolios but also simplifies tasks such as rent collection and tenant communication.


Efforts were concentrated on streamlining the tenant onboarding process, allowing landlords to effortlessly add new tenants, manage leases, and track rental payments. The objective was to minimize the administrative burden associated with property management, making it more accessible to a broader range of users. Automation was integrated to further enhance efficiency, with features like automated rent reminders and lease renewals, providing landlords with a proactive and responsive management tool.


The redesign also prioritized secure payment processing, ensuring a convenient and trustworthy financial transaction experience for both landlords and tenants. Beyond aesthetics, the revamped UI of Innago represents a holistic approach to redefining the user experience, combining an intuitive dashboard, streamlined processes, automated features, and secure transactions to elevate the overall functionality of the platform.

From the initial concept discussions to the final implementation, your dedication to excellence has been truly remarkable. The creative designs, intuitive user interface, and seamless user experience your team crafted have exceeded my expectations.
Dave Spooner
Dave Spooner
CEO & Co-Founder, Innago
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innago dashboard
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Innago Dashboard

Design System

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