Healthcare App for Concussion Management and Orthopedic Rehabilitation

TRAZER App Fills Gap in Concussion and Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Product Development

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The Challenge

TRAZER offers expert interactive assessment and training for neuromechanical well-being, senior health, orthopedic rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.


For the last two decades, the client has been using simulation-based physical gaming techniques to measure and improve the physical performance of athletes.


The client is also a provider of physical therapies for athletes who have experienced concussions and helps patients make informed clinical decisions when it comes to managing post-concussion symptoms.


We stepped in to help the client with the development of a software application that could capture and analyze a patient’s physical and psychological performance based on values input into a computer-based simulation system. The software application would analyze performance based on values such as response time, pace, increase in pace, stamina, the height of the jump, efficiency of the cardiovascular system, distance, and caloric expenditure.

The Design

Taazaa was tasked with designing and architecting software that would evaluate performance with the precision of a medical professional.


We engineered hardware consisting of 3D cameras and motion sensors that can capture the human body across 25 points of motion. Based on the captured data, a log of practical trials can be listed for each patient, and periodic logs allow the application to create a vector report of the person’s performance. The report provides graphic and numerical information related to movement as well as asymmetries in the limbs. The system can measure functional movement capacity, and also capture asymmetries between the left and right sides. From there, the software can analyze performance metrics and summarize them in a baseline assessment.

In terms of quality and application performance, Taazaa is one of the best we have worked with. We are very satisfied with their work and deliverables! Taazaa helped us putting everything together. They built the platform quickly and added more developers whenever required.
Barry French

The Solution

The software can provide standardized and actionable data to healthcare providers, clinicians, caregivers, and coaches. That data ultimately helps patients return to full function after an injury, restart training, and make informed injury prevention decisions.
From sports performance to aging, the application has everything medical providers need to physically analyze a patient and provide top-tier care. The application tackles the shortcomings of existing medical programs and is able to offer advanced solutions for performance enhancements, neuromechanical health, senior health, and orthopedic care.

Design System

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