Our development methods help us pivot quickly.

Change Is Relentless

Change happens—right in the middle or even at the end of a project.

Maybe you discover a critical user need. Perhaps you need to expand or reduce the scope of the project quickly. Sometimes, the market throws you a curve.

When change happens, you must pivot quickly to keep your product on the path to success.

At Taazaa, we plan for change. Our plan-develop-test methodology allows us to shift our stance fast when your needs change and keep the software development cost within budget.

We’re Agile. We’re iterative. And we hit every curveball.

Why We Welcome Change

Change is good. Every change improves your product’s ability to generate the highest revenue for your business.

We understand the importance of change, and we’ve adopted processes and methodologies that allow us to change direction rapidly —while mitigating the cost of rework.

Our teams merge Agile methods with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). This combination allows us to accelerate software development efficiently without sacrificing one iota of quality.

Each iteration involves five steps:

  • Build and compile the code.

  • Run unit tests on the code to find errors.

  • If no errors are found, move the code to a staging environment.

  • Run scripted tests, manual tests, or both against the codebase.

  • Deploy the tested code to production.

The combination of CI, CD, and Agile helps us efficiently manage change in all but the most complex systems—and even then, our Agile teams quickly pivot to address adjustments.

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Concussion Management App

A healthcare client asked Taazaa to help develop a software application that could capture and analyze a patient’s physical and psychological performance based on values input into a computer-based simulation system. The app would analyze performance based on several values such as response time, running pace, jump height, cardiovascular efficiency, and more.

Our solution analyzed hardware input consisting of 3D cameras and motion sensors that can capture the human body across 25 points of motion. The software analyzes performance metrics and summarizes them in a baseline assessment.

The application tackles the shortcomings of existing medical programs and offers advanced solutions for performance enhancements, neuromechanical health, senior health, and orthopedic care.

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