Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Development

HealthFair's Custom ERM Solution Facilitates Mobile Health Clinics

Product Development

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The Challenge

HealthFair (now part of the Matrix Medical Network) is a leading health and wellness provider and provides awareness and education to consumers to help improve the quality of their lives. Their mission is to improve and extend lives through the early detection and prevention of disease. The client is operating in this domain for the last 15 years and to date has taken more than two million preventive health screenings.


The client wanted a web-based custom healthcare ERP for its distributed network of mobile health clinics. The specific features required were appointment scheduling, automated settling of invoices with the insurance providers, sharing of health-visit summary with patients’ primary health physicians, and connecting patients with community resources.


The challenge was to come up with a feature-rich HIPAA-compliant solution that could offer patient registration, sharing of results of the medical examinations with the patients’ primary health physicians, and settle the invoices with the insurance providers. The client also requested a self sign-up module for users to register themselves for the health checkup.


A cloud application was proposed to the client, where the user provides vital information such as age, sex, health plan member ID, and location. Based on the input provided, the application would then suggest the nearest mobile health vans and applicable health screening and wellness options. From the generated list of mobile health vans operating nearby, patients would choose the appropriate one and book an appointment at the time of their choosing.

The Design

The application integrates with the medical equipment and electronically sends the results to the doctors.
For the implementation of the essential features, we adopted an Agile development approach. We made sure the incremental delivery of the feature-set in the proposed cloud-based software solution. The insurance providers were operating on different platforms. Hence, the conjoining of ERP with multiple APIs provided by insurance providers was a challenging task.
Taazaa adopted a combination of SCRUM and Kanban methodologies to manage the project. The application had very complex business rules for the registration of users and sending their reports to their primary physicians. Along the way, we had to adopt domain-driven design and extensive unit testing to ensure that the settling of the bill with insurance providers doesn’t become an intricate act for the patients/users.
Feedback was gathered from two weekly sprints from the client and implemented continually, making the development a dynamic process, as Taazaa and our client worked towards a single goal.

Taazaa has always been more than our technology partner. I give them a lot of credit for what we were able to accomplish. The team was there through thick and thin. We struggled a lot and celebrated more. I knew they were a team I could count on.
James Ekbatani
CEO, HealthFair

The Solution

This application was an end-to-end ERP and business automation software built from ground up for a mobile diagnostic firm. The application was moved to the client’s server and was thoroughly tested.


It handled everything from marketing, sales, scheduling of patients, the point of sales, call center, electronic medical records, doctor’ evaluation, vendor invoicing, sale team management, affiliate commission, and doctor payments to the satisfaction of our client.

Design System

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