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Wow your customers with a fresh, secure web application that looks great and is easy to use.

Web development services

Go from Web to Wow

To you, it’s a website, an interface, or an integration.
To your customers, it’s an experience.

Whether it’s a good or bad experience depends on the talent of your web development team.

The bulk of web development involves the underlying structure of your website. The behind-the-scenes stuff.
It’s the code, web portals, e-commerce platforms, and other moving parts that make your website a valuable tool for gaining new customers—and making it easy for them to do business with you.

Taazaa’s web developers make sure your web application’s code is clean, stable, and secure.

We erase the seams between applications, so your visitors can navigate smoothly without any lag or crashing.

When you need your web application to work efficiently, perform well, and deliver a quality customer experience, choose the development company guaranteed to wow you—Taazaa.

Our Web Development Services

As your web development partner, our purpose is to find a fresh way to create quality experiences for your customers. We deliver secure, seamless applications optimized for your users, with simple, intuitive navigation that’s easy to use.

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Align with your business growth strategy

Attract New Business

Attract New Business

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Generate Revenue

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Make your brand shine

Get top-tier web development that won’t sink your budget—regardless of your business needs.

E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Platform Development

More and more customers prefer doing business online. They like the ease and convenience e-commerce platforms provide—from shopping to eHealth and more.

An e-commerce platform tailored specifically to your business helps you better serve your customers and outpace your competition.

Taazaa’s experienced e-commerce web development team uses an end-to-end approach approach to capture your business requirements and turn them into the high-performance, responsive e-commerce store you need to improve your engagement and increase your revenue.

CMS Development
CMS Development

A content management system (CMS) lets you to create, manage, and modify the content of your portal without bringing in a consultant. We can help you leverage open-source CMS solutions, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and SharePoint.
We custom build solutions that are optimized for your business, instead of trying to force existing functionality to fit your workflow, products, and sales processes. Developing a solution for your unique needs offers higher performance, better integration, and more opportunities to scale than a pre-packaged theme could provide.
Custom CMS features include:

With CMS solutions tailored to your company, you can vastly reduce the amount of time required to maintain your brand’s online presence. And that saves you cost, time, and effort.

Web application services

Web Portals

Web portals give a variety of users role-based access to your database via a single, webbased interface. Some examples web portals are:

  • HR portals that allow employees to schedule time off, track their hours, update their personal information, and so on.
  • Patient portals that give patients and healthcare staff access to patient information based on specialized permissions.
  • Real Estate portals that allow agents to list and update available properties, and house hunters to view homes for sale.

Regardless of your industry, Taazaa’s web development team can build you a secure, easy-to-use web portal for your specific needs.

B2B and B2C Web Solutions

Web application development differs depending on what kind of app you need: business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C).

The B2B workflow is typically more complex than B2C. Business functioning is often a multi-layered process, with different departments working together to achieve aligned objectives. The web solutions we create for our B2B clients center around business automation and B2B portal development.

Our B2C customers usually come to us for e-commerce and retail website solutions. B2C web development requires a different skill set for development compared to B2B applications.

Both B2B and B2C need to deliver a great user experience and high application performance, however.

Whether you cater to business users or consumers, Taazaa understands your particular industry challenges and your company’s specific requirements.

Web Solutions
Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are rapidly replacing traditional software applications. PWAs are simpler and faster to use than traditional apps, and although they’re web-based, they usually resemble mobile apps. Instead using a browser-based interface, users can download PWAs and bridge the gap between a web and native experience.

Speed of use, universal compatibility with all devices and platforms, and the ability to work offline make PWAs a very desirable option. If your company is looking for interesting and innovative ways to introduce a product to market, a PWA created by our software development team could be the solution.

API Development

An Application Programming Interface (API) enables software to access data from various systems, convert it to a common format, and send it back to the user that requested it.

When you check the weather forecast using an app on your phone, for example, the raw data is retrieved from the source and converted to the way you see it on the screen via an API.

APIs can be simple or intricate, created for long-term or short-term use. A well-designed API facilitates engagement with your customer, partners, suppliers, and anyone else in your targeted audience.

Taazaa’s web developers can help create strong APIs between your disparate systems. With our custom APIs, you can create new revenue streams and take advantage of new functionalities, such as:

  • Offering clients custom solutions that use part of your product or service in a new way
  • Giving consumers the ability to track shipments
  • Launching short-term promotions for contests, marketing campaigns, and events in a cost-effective way
API Development
Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration and Customization

Everyone wants a turn-key solution to replace their outdated systems, but it isn’t always possible to find exactly the right application.

If you have mass amounts of data locked up in decades-old software, for example, porting it to an entirely new system might be so time-consuming or take such effort that it negatively impacts your operations.

And if that data somehow got lost or corrupted in the transfer, it could be catastrophic.

In such cases, it may make more sense to integrate your legacy software with an efficient, modern solution. Connecting the two systems is where our third-party integration services can help.

Taazaa’s software development team has extensive experience in building custom third-party integrations. We can help you combine multiple systems seamlessly, so your customers, partners, and employees can quickly access the data they need.

Web App Modernization

Those web apps you had developed a year or two ago may have been cutting-edge at the time, but now they’re starting to show their age. Should you scrap them and start over from scratch?

Maybe not.

Taazaa’s web app modernization services can update your legacy applications to modern technology stacks with scalable, cloud-native environments. We give you the flexibility to grow as your user expectations evolve, without large investments in new solutions.

Web App Modernization

How We Work

Taazaa’s web development team specializes in creating solutions that boost business performance and empower you to serve your clients better.

Our process begins with an analysis of the competition to understand what challenges you’re up against. We then take an in-depth look at your user personas and current technology.

Once we’ve gained a complete understanding of your needs, we develop style concepts, a preliminary design, and a prototype, which allows us to give you an accurate estimate, budget, and timeline for the project.

When you give us the green light, we get to work. Our iterative approach lets us provide feedback early and often, with continuous testing and integration until the final product is ready for launch.

With Taazaa, you get outstanding programming quality, a technology partner you’ll enjoy working with, and a high-value solution delivered in days, not years.

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